Weekly Horoscope (Dec 08, 2008)

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Hi all, we meet again.Here are your weekly horoscope for this week. Enjoy.

Trying to stay put in one place may be difficult, as you have itchy feet. You yearn to get out and explore new horizons and go on an adventure that will captivate you heart and soul. This feeling may also show itself as a strong desire to learn something new. During this run up to the festive season you may want to spend some time in another country where you can sample all the delights and relax at the same time. Make sure you chill out and take a rest on Saturday.

Your joint financial affairs are especially important to you. You have dreams that you wish to pursue, but you may be held back by events out of your control. Wednesday and Thursday are both days when you'll feel a great sense of frustration because you can't take advantage of an opportunity that could earn you a lot of money. You may decide to take the risk, but unless you're very sure of the outcome, this isn't a good idea. You need advice and you really need to know what you're doing before you take the plunge.

Relationships of both the business and romantic variety are very important. In particular, Mars in Sagittarius is stirring things up and making sure that no stone is left unturned as you clear the air and make things better for everyone. Business partnerships will be making great progress as you discuss ideas and projects that could be quite ambitious. On Wednesday and Thursday you may be tempted to take a risk in the hope that it will pay off. This is especially the case where your career is concerned, so make sure you understand what's at stake.

If you thought you could have a relaxing few days and time to get all the arrangements sorted out, then think again. You're under pressure to meet deadlines and you can't afford to ease off just yet. Expect the unexpected on Wednesday and Thursday, as anything could happen. You may feel in a rebellious mood and decide that no matter what needs to be done, you're going to do your own thing anyway. The more boring and repetitive the work you have to do, the less likely you are to stick with it, which could be a mistake.

You're brimming with ideas and determined to have fun. You're also seeking an adventure, something different from the usual day-to-day routine you've grown so used to. If you can get away, then seriously consider doing so. You're likely to be particularly rebellious on Wednesday or Thursday. Aspects to Uranus mean that it could be almost impossible to settle down and get on with life. If you've planned a business trip or even a short break away to catch up with festive shopping, this is the time to go for it.

Your home zone is still in focus. There seems to be plenty of excitement and lots of new plans and ideas being circulated. When the Sun aspects Uranus on Wednesday, your partner may have a brilliant, unexpected plan that could surprise you. On the other hand, someone you haven't seen in some time may turn up at your door. Thursday is an equally interesting day with a few challenges to keep you on your toes. You may be pushed into taking a risk that you don't really want to think about.

All kinds of work-related issues may intrude upon your week. Just when you think it's safe to relax, up comes another surprise. Somehow they just keep popping up when you least expect it. Leave yourself extra time, especially if you have urgent deadlines. With a focus on your communication zone, you're going to be busy with e-mails, letters, phone calls, and administrative work. Be sure to share your ideas with others. If you have plans to write a book or start teaching a class, this is when you're most likely to go ahead.

You're very determined to do all you can to secure your current financial position, but the call of adventure may be too much to resist. Early in the week you'll be busy coming up with ideas to increase your earnings, perhaps by introducing new streams of income. However, by Wednesday your thoughts may be on other things, especially one idea that may constitute a major risk. You may be sorely tempted to spend large sums of money in order to fulfill a dream. Don't do it unless you're absolutely certain you can afford to.

You seem to be in the hot seat this week. There's plenty going on in your sign suggesting that you'll play a central role in any activities. Your determination to get ahead is supreme, so go with the flow and enjoy it, but do be careful on Wednesday and Thursday. Anything could happen over these two days, so expect the unexpected and leave more time if you have deadlines or other important jobs to complete. Make time to chill out and watch a good movie over the weekend. Give yourself a break!

This is an important week for you as Pluto moves into your sign on Wednesday. It will stay in Capricorn until 2024. In the process, it will transform your approach to life and living. You'll also begin to express yourself more powerfully and dynamically. You'll need to be sensitive to those close to you. Put yourself in the other person's shoes from time to time. A New Moon in your spiritual zone on Thursday makes this an excellent time to start a new spiritual practice, such as meditation, yoga, or tai chi.

It seems as though you're bopping through life and making your social life a priority. Wednesday looks like one of those times when you may want to take a risk with your money. Although you may be under pressure from the powers that be to keep your finances under control, you may be so fed up with being 'good' that you decide to go off on a shopping spree or splurge on something wild. If you do so, you may end up risking your financial reputation for nothing, so be warned.

You seem to be very much in the limelight, with your every move being watched. You have some great ideas and may be busy taking steps to make things happen. You may also be busy in your community helping out and organizing public events. That is all the more reason why you need to take care on Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to rock the boat, then do so in a way that doesn't affect your personal integrity or image. Make sure that your actions are exemplary, especially if you hold a position of power.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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