BLOG for Dummies (2) : Post an Article

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Hi, friends..we meet again.

After having blogger account, what next? With this post, my-blogmedia is trying to talk about how to post the article in blogger. Here is the steps to post the article. I assume that you use the same platform with me, blogspot that recently have been merging with Google.

1. Open your blogger/blogspot account.
2. Go to the dashboard panel.
3. Click The new Post for creating new article.
4. After have a fix article just click publish the post. Done.
5. It's easy and simple right? hehe.

Here are some tips, pick the actual or good theme for the posting. Set the font or font colour so it can catch the
reader's eye to see your posting. If needed you can add the image or video to that post.

Okay, have a nice blogging.

Several Indications that he is into you ..!! :D

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Hi, ladies..

Here is several sign or indication if a man is interested in you and try to approach you. My-blogmedia here quted the article from Michael and Tim Burke. Here are the sign, so watch it.

He can’t relax
Keith Duncan, 31, wasn’t exactly excited to tell us this, but “There always seems to be a bit more pressure on me when I’m talking to a girl I really like. The room gets warm, I don’t feel as humorous as I usually am, and I keep hearing in my head ‘don’t screw this up.’” And that can only mean one thing: He’s trying his darndest to impress you.

He connects the dots
If he remembers or refers to things you said earlier in the conversation or at an earlier point when you two first met, it shows he’s been paying attention. And since this is not generally one of our stronger traits, it can really mean something. His focus is on you and only you. If a guy is looking to just pick you up, he’ll never fully commit to you. He’ll always be looking for his Plan B. So if his eyes are wandering around the bar or at the party, beware. If he stays put and is devoted to you, it’s all good. Johnny McDonnell, age 30, admits, “There are times when I know my buddies will give me a hard time because I’ve spent the entire night talking to the same girl, but if I like her, I really don’t care.”

He sneaks in a “we”
If, instead of “I” and “you”, he throws out the word “we” a whole lot, this a great sign. He’s trying in his own bumbling way (because we’re not that shrewd) to see if he can put the two of you together. David Wygant, dating expert and author of Always Talk to Strangers, agrees that “pronouns are the most important thing,” and adds, “If the guy says, ‘You know we should go ice skating sometime,’ he’s fishing to see if you’ll bite.” He hopes you’ll like the sound of it and agree.

He leads you on—in a good way
If he casually drops, “Have you heard about such and such restaurant?” or declares, “I’ve gotta go see that movie,” in legal terms this is called “leading the witness”: He’s throwing it out there hoping you’ll tack on, “Yeah, me too.” So pay attention. This is our brilliant way of getting around directly asking you out and exposing ourselves to the crushing blow of rejection. Because hey, that hurts, and we’d rather put out feelers first. So if you get the feeling he’s fishing, that’s a good sign he’d like to see you again.

He’s happy to be somewhere that’s normally not his scene
And he’s happy because he’s with you. Seth Reimer, 30, tells us,“ I can remember going to a club that I would never want to set foot in because I knew a girl, who is now my wife, would be there. The place was awful, but she made me want to go every night until I could get her to go out with me.”

He makes an effort with your friends
As Jared Piccolo, 28, puts it, “The friends are the gatekeepers,” he says. “If you don’t get past them, you’re out.” So see if he’s going beyond the bare minimum of polite small talk and really trying to bond with your pals. If he is, then he’s trying to fit into your larger life, and that’s definitely a good sign.

He eagerly brings you into his inner circle
We guys can often easily separate our dating lives from our regular lives. In fact, we often prefer to keep the two worlds apart. However, the women we really like quickly meet our friends, see our favorite hangouts (making sure she approves) and so on. Tim admits that when he was single he kept dates he wasn’t interested in long-term far away from his regular circle. “It made things clear, distinct and free of complications when it ended.” If he’s introducing you to his pals and favorite spots, on the other hand, congrats—you’re getting woven into the fabric of his life.

Michael and Tim Burke are brothers and the co-authors of Die Happy: 499 Things Every Guy’s Gotta Do While He Still Can.

(source: msn)

US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies (April 25-27)

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Hi all, my-blogmedia is proudly present US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies for you.

Here are the US Top 10 Weekend Box Office Movie for this last weekend (April 25-27).THis weekend, there're 3 new comers that sit on the top 10.

"Baby Mama" is sit on the top movie, even it's a newcomer movie, in one weeks,they collected USD 18.2 MM.The others new comer movies are, "Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo", and "Deception". For the first weekend, "Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo" collected USD 14.5 MM, while "Deception" collescted USD 2.2 MM.

For cumulative earning, "Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who" gest the highest point, USD 147.8 MM in seven weeks. How bout next week?. Let's wait and see. Have a nice watching..

1 Baby Mama

2 Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo

3 The Forbidden Kingdom

4 Forgetting Sarah Marshall

5 Nim's Island

6 Prom Night

7 21

8 88 Minutes

9 Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who

10 Deception

(source: yahoo.movies).

Job Opportunity for Secretary..

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Hi, all ..
My-blogmedia here posted a job opportunity for secretary to work with oil/gas company in Indonesia. Here is the detail.

JOB PERTAMINA - HESS JAMBI MERANG are looking for a high caliber Secretary with high motivation, initiative and integrity to fill in the following position:

Secretary to Finance Manager
Qualification:• Graduate from reputable College/University, from overseas College/University is additional advantage.• Minimum 5 years professional experience as Secretary, an overseas work experience is an advantage.• Excellent in English both writing & speaking is a mandatory requirement.• Computer literacy is basic requirement such as Microsoft Office.• Excellent in communication, administration and other secretarial skills.• Experience in handling petty cash is additional advantage.• Good personality with excellent service work behavior.

Email your application and CV not later than 2 weeks after the publication of this advertisement to:

State your selected position in the subject of your application. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for further selection process.
(source: petromindo)

Alia Sabur, the youngest Profesor in the world..!!

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Woooa..., here is the youngest professor in the world. Her name is Alia Sabur, my-blogmedia proudly make this news as the headline for today quoted from msn. Alia Sabur, 19 years old, is awarded as the youngest profesor in the world.

She started talking and reading when she was just 8 months old. She had elementary school finished at age 5. She made the jump to college at age 10. And by age 14, Sabur was earning a bachelor’s of science degree in applied mathematics summa cum laude from Stony Brook University — the youngest female in U.S. history to do so. Her education continued at Drexel University, where she earned an M.S. and a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering.

With an unlimited future ahead of her, Sabur directed her first career choice to teaching. She was three days short of her 19th birthday in February when she was hired to become a professor at Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea.

This distinction made her the youngest college professor in history, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, beating the previous record held by Colin Maclaurin in 1717.

(source: msn)

Forbidden Kingdom

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Hail.., hail, hail..
What if the two famous kungfu star movie is joined together in one movie? Here is the answer, my-blogmedia give you the synopsis for the number 1 in US Weekly Top 10 movie. Jackie Chan and Jet Lee is joined in "Forbidden Kingdom".
In the first week, the film has been acquiring USD 20.8 MM. What a wonderfull money..!!. Okay, here is the synopsis as well as the movie trailer for youu..!!. Lets's watch the movie.

While hunting down bootleg kung-fu DVDs in a Chinatown pawnshop, Jason makes an extraordinary discovery that sends him hurtling back in time to ancient China. There, Jason is charged with a monumental task: he must free the fabled warrior the Monkey King, who has been imprisoned by the evil Jade Warlord. Jason is joined in his quest by wise kung fu master Lu Yan and a band of misfit warriors including Silent Monk. But only by learning the true precepts of kung fu can Jason hope to succeed - and find a way to get back home.
(source:, youtube)

The Top 5 Best SLR Cameras that can make us look like a pro..!!

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Hi all,

Recently PCWorld magazine surveyed the SLR cameras that can make you look like a pro. Waw,,!!. So, my-blogmedia wrote down here the survey result for you. Enjoy and pick which camera do you like to have, have a nice camera hunting !!.

1. Olympus EVolt E-510 -- PC World Rating: 87 (Very Good)

Though the Olympus EVolt's many features might make it a bit daunting to some prospective users, the E-510 is a solid, adaptable camera that takes very good pictures under most conditions. Even with the new 40mm-to-150mm telephoto zoom lens, you won't feel weighed down. Olympus EVolt E-510 -- Rear ViewThe E-510 comes equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD viewfinder.

2. Canon EOS 40D -- PC World Rating: 86 (Very Good)

The feature-packed Canon EOS 40D produces great images. Its price puts it within reach of photo enthusiasts and professionals alike. If you're graduating from a Rebel-series digital SLR, this is a great step-up model whose versatility will grow along with you. And if you're an advanced shooter looking for something smaller and less costly than Canon's top-tier cameras (the 1D and 5D series), the 40D is perfect.Canon EOS 40D -- Rear ViewThe EOS 40D shares many capabilities with Canon's $4,500 1D Mark III, including a 3-inch, live-view, 230,000-pixel LCD.

3. Olympus E3 -- PC World Rating: 86 (Very Good)

The big, heavy, rugged Olympus E3 has extensive advanced controls, fast burst-shooting speed and a quick autofocus. But you'll need plenty of arm strength to lug this baby once you've added a lens to the camera bodyOlympus E3 -- Rear ViewThe E3's flexibility starts with its bright, 2.5-inch color LCD, which swings away from the camera body and swivels.

4. Nikon D300 -- PC World Rating: 85 (Very Good)
The Nikon D300 is not a camera to pick up and run with. Its high resolution, exceptional flexibility and excellent exposure accuracy make the effort of working through a longish learning stage worthwhile. The D300 should fare well against its two strongest competitors, Sony's Alpha 700 and Olympus' E3.

5. Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 -- PC World Rating: 85 (Very Good)
With its sharp, 12-megapixel imaging and with more exposure controls than most photographers will likely ever use, the beefy and finely designed Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 rises to nearly professional-level photography, making it well worth its $1,900 price tag. Its main limitation is its relatively narrow range of available lenses and accessories.

(source: msn, PCWORLD)

Job Opportunities at Kuwait Oil Company !

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Hi friends, my-blogmedia would like yo post the job vacancy at Kuwait Oil and gas compay. Hope these can match with your qualification. Enjoy.

Kuwait Oil Company is the major Oil and Gas Corporation in the State of Kuwait. The Company handles both up-stream and down stream activities within Kuwait. The Company is seeking experienced personnel to fill the following positions. Known as the “Pearl of the Arabian Gulf”, Kuwait has both a cosmopolitan and traditional society in which the new employees will find welcoming people and a safe environment in which to work and live. Kuwait has no income or sales taxes. The State is enjoying a boom in the building of a modern infrastucture of Shops, Houses, and Schools. Kuwait Oil Company is looking for high caliber and dynamic candidates to fill in the following positions:

PROCESS ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Process Engineer)
Qualifications:- Bachelor of Science degree in Process/Petroleum or Chemical Engineering.- 6 years in process engineering work.

RESERVOIR ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Reservoir Engineer)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Petroleum Engineering.- 6 years Operational aspects of petroleum industry.

GEOLOGIST(Code: KOC - INDO - Geologist)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Geology.- 6 Years experience in Petroleum Geology or Chemical.

PETROPHYSICIST(Code: KOC - INDO - Petrophysicist)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Geology.- 6 years Operational aspects of petroleum industry.

GEOPHYSICIST(Code: KOC – INDO - Geophysicist)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Geophysics.- 6 Years experience in geophysical exploration.

PETROLEUM ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Petroleum Engineer)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Petroleum Engineering.- 6 Years experience in operational aspects of petroleum industry includes 2 years in Reservoir or Production Engineering or Operational Planning.

SENIOR GEOLOGIST(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Geologist)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Geology.- 8 Years Experience in Petroleum Geology including a minimum of 4 years in exploration and production Geology.

SENIOR PETROPHYSICIST(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Petrophysicist)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Geology.- 8 Years experience in Petrophysical exploration.

SENIOR GEOPHYSICIST(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Geophysicist)
Qualifications:- Bachelors Degree in Geophysics.- 8 years experience in geophysical exploration.

SENIOR DRILLING ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Drilling Engineer)
Qualifications:- University degree in Process or Chemical Engineering.- 8 years experience in an oil exploration environment.

SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Reservoir Engineer)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Petroleum Engineering.- 8 years operational experience in the petroleum industry including 4 years in Reservoir Engineering.

SENIOR PETROLEUM ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Petroleum Engineer)
Qualifications:- University Degree in Petroleum Engineering.- 8 years operational experience in the petroleum industry.

SENIOR PROCESS ENGINEER(Code: KOC - INDO - Senior Process Engineer)
Qualifications:- University degree in Process or Chemical Engineering.- 8 years experience in Oil and Gas process Engineering, design and operations.

Interested applicants must visit our website and download our resume template and email the detailed resume with photo to both and

To view the detailed job description, please log-on,and clickInternational Jobs.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview from May 29 to June 2, 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies (April 18-20)

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Hi all, my-blogmedia is proudly present US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies for you.

Here are the US Top 10 Weekend Box Office Movie for this last weekend (April 18-20).THis weekend, there're 4 new comers that sit on the top 10.

"The Forbidden Kingdom" is sit on the top movie, even it's a newcomer movie, in one weeks,they collected USD 20.8 MM.The others new comer movies are, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "88 Minutes", and "Smart People". For the first weekend, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" collected USD 17.3 MM, while " 88 Minutes" collescted USD 6.8 MM and "Expelled: No Intelegence Allowed" collected USD 3.1 MM.

For cumulative earning, "Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who" gest the highest point, USD 144 MM in six weeks. How bout next week?. Let's wait and see. Have a nice watching..

1 The Forbidden Kingdom
2 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3 Prom Night
4 88 Minutes
5 Nim's Island
6 21
7 Street Kings
8 Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who
9 Expelled: No Intelegence Allowed
10 Leatherheads

(source: yahoo.movies).

Cool Espresso Machine for your home..

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Whoaaaa, here is the cool espresso maker as a luxury stuff for your home quoted by my-blogmedia from msn.

Gaggia's Platinum Vision is the Ferrari of espresso makers, a graceful combination of design and functionality. A touch-screen on the stainless-steel face allows you to program options such as water temperature and cup size, and additional settings for grinding, brewing and tamping allow you to automate while still preparing a cup of espresso exactly to your liking. Features also include a water reservoir with filter, a topside cup-warming plate, and a "bypass doser" so you can brew the occasional cup of decaf without dumping all your caffeinated beans out of the hopper. Latte and cappuccino lovers will appreciate the optional Milk Island attachment for steaming milk at the turn of a knob. Gaggia's machine has the mark of Italian elegance and will turn the average joe into a world-class barista.

(source: msn)

Biomatic Key for your Luxury Home

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Hi lads and gents,

When I stucked to a site, I was interested by the unique feature about the biomatic key. Have you ever heard about that before?. Okay then, my-blogmedia quoted the article for you. This came from MSN. Enjoy...

Forgot your keys? Well, as long as you have your fingers on hand, you'll be able to open your front door with a Bio-Matic lock by iTouchless. Designed as much for security as for convenience, Bio-Matics unlock your door when the built-in optical scanner recognizes a fingerprint. Up to 150 fingerprint scans can be stored in the lock (iTouchless suggests scanning several prints for each user), which is completely reprogrammable — so when you decide you really shouldn't have
given your mother-in-law access, you can just delete her prints. Bio-Matics are available in deadbolt and latch models for securing doors to the outside or to an interior room. The locks also include digital pass codes and conventional keys as backup systems.

(source: Rich Maloof, MSN Real Estate).

Top 10 Jobs for the 2008 Fresh Grads..!!

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Hi all we meet again. Now my-blogmedia would like to perform the best job for fresh gaduation 2008. This data based on a survey in US , that describe the most hiring and job growth. So, why don't you try it if you're interested. Enjoy.

Once summer is in sight, students everywhere spend less time outlining their research papers and more time planning their summer vacations. The annual exception is, of course, the class of graduating seniors, whose commencement pushes them into the mythic "real world." They spend the last few weeks of the semester ensuring they can walk across the stage and deciding what they will do that next day.

The realization that this semester's final exams are their last and summer breaks are things of the past is both exciting and nerve-racking. After all, once they start job hunting, they find out how valuable their degrees – which took a lot of money and the last four years of their lives – are to employers. This summer is a major milestone in their lives.

Luckily, employers are ready to hire and looking to woo them with signing bonuses and higher starting salaries than in years past, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employees. Among the most sought-after graduates are those who majored in business, finance and information technology.

We analyzed this information and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the industries doing the most hiring and expecting the most job growth. Here are 10 of the best jobs for the graduating class of 2008:

1. Financial analyst
Major: Business administration
Median annual salary: $66,590*
Projected job growth: 34 percent
Jobs created: 75,000

2. Computer systems analysts
Major: Information sciences and systems
Median annual salary: $69,760
Projected job growth: 29 percent
Jobs created: 146,000

3. Computer systems software engineers
Major: Computer science
Median annual salary: $85,370
Projected job growth: 28 percent
Jobs created: 99,000

4. Accountants
Major: Accounting
Median annual salary: $54,630
Projected job growth: 18 percent
Jobs created: 226,000

5. Civil Engineers
Major: Engineering
Median annual salary: $68,600
Projected job growth: 18 percent
Jobs created: 46,000

6. Marketing managers
Major: Advertising or journalism
Median annual salary: $98,720
Projected job growth: 14 percent
Jobs created: 24,000

7. Financial managers
Major: Finance
Median annual salary: $90,970
Projected job growth: 13 percent
Jobs created: 64,000

8. Chemical engineers
Major: Engineering
Median annual salary: $78,860
Projected job growth: 8 percent
Jobs created: 2,400

9. Electrical engineers
Major: Engineering
Median annual salary: $75,930
Projected job growth: 6 percent
Jobs created: 9,600

10. Mechanical engineers
Major: Engineering
Median annual salary: $69,850
Projected job growth: 4 percent
Jobs created: 9,400

*Salary, job growth and job creation information is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

(source: msn)

Derby County interested in Signing Bambang Pamungkas ??

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Hi friends,

My-blogmedia just get this information from several sites. Derby is reportedly interested in signing Persija Jakarta's forward Bambang Pamungkas as they prepare for next season in the Championship. Derby boss Paul Jewell has already told impressive Argentinian forward Emanuel Villa there is a future for him at the club, but wants to add an experienced attacker to play alongside him.

The 27 year old Indonesian currently plays for Persija Jakarta, and has played all of his career in the Asian leagues whilst other impressive Indonesian talent Kurniawan tried his luck in Italy with Sampdoria temporarily.

Derby are preparing a £300,000 offer for Pamungkas, who has already been linked with a move this summer to Australian side Perth Glory.Pamungkas has over 45 caps for Indonesia bagging 23 goals. Bambang's agent in Europe, Anthony van Dalen, has revealed that several clubs in Europe are ready to give the player a try out.

Should Derby sign Pamungkas, it is believed that they are ready to benefit a huge amount commercially as many regard Pamungkas as one of the best players to ever come from Indonesia.

(source:eyefootball, detik, pssi)

US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies (April 11-13)

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Hi all, my-blogmedia is proudly present US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies for you.

Here are the US Top 10 Weekend Box Office Movie for this last weekend (April 11-13). "Prom Night" is sit on the top movie, even it's a newcomer movie, in one week, they collected USD 20.8 MM. The others new comer movies are, "Street Kings", and "Smart People". For the first weekend, "Street Kings" collected USD 12.4 MM, while "Smart People" collected USD 4 MM.

For cumulative earning, "Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who" gest the highest point, USD 139.6 MM in five weeks. How bout next week?. Let's wait and see. Have a nice watching..

1 Prom Night
2 Street Kings
3 21
4 Nim's Island
5 Leatherheads
6 Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who
7 Smart People
8 The Ruins
9 Superhero Movie
10 Drillbit Taylor

(source: yahoo.movies).

Batman Sequel Movie: The Dark Night...cooming soon !!

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Hi all, here is the summary of "The Dark Night" movie. My-blogmedia quoted it for you together with it's movie trailer. Let's wait for and see the movie. Enjoy ..!!.

The Dark Knight is an upcoming 2008 American superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman. The film is a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins, which rebooted the Batman film series after an eight-year hiatus. Christopher Nolan returns as the director, and Christian Bale reprises the lead role. Batman's primary conflicts in the film come from his fight against the Joker (Heath Ledger) and his strained friendship with district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart).

For the film Nolan took inspiration from the Joker's first two appearances in the comics, and like the first film, he used Batman: The Long Halloween as a major influence on the story. The Dark Knight was filmed primarily in Chicago, (as was Batman Begins), as well as several other locations in and outside the United States. The director used an IMAX camera to film four major action sequences, including the Joker's first appearance in the film. The Batsuit was redesigned, with a cowl allowing Bale to move his head. A recreation of the Batcycle, known as the Batpod, will be introduced.

(source: wikipedia, youtube)

10 Tips in Writing a Professional Résumé/CV

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Hi friends, wanna build a good and professional resume for your application? here are the tips that my-blogmedia quoted for you all. These tips came from Jennifer Anthony, a resume expert. Enjoy..

1. Start with an attractive layout. Use bold and italics to highlight key points. I do not recommend downloadable templates because they are very generic and dull. Get creative but not crazy. You can use a little touch of color if you are modest.

2. Justify the text instead of using left align. Most people are accustomed to reading justified text. This will make your résumé easy to follow.

3. Choose a common font. Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana are some of the best fonts for a résumé. Now is not the time to experiment. Most computers do not have 600 different fonts installed so the file will not read correctly if you use your decorative fonts. Do not use cutesy graphics such as candy canes or teddy bears if you want to be taken seriously. It is NOT appropriate for business correspondence, and I guarantee your résumé will be canned if you do this.

4. Do not use the word "I" in your résumé. Start each sentence with a powerful verb. For example: • Organized annual student symposium by securing speakers and working closely with marketing department executives. • Implemented production bonus incentives and "best practices" matrix for all divisions, raising overall productivity by as much as 40 percent.

5. Write a proper cover letter for each position to which you apply. Do not ever send out a résumé without a cover letter. This is basic business etiquette. Personalize each cover letter directly to the position you are applying to. A generic cover letter will not work to your benefit. If possible, address the letter directly to a person. If you do not know the hiring manager's name, use "Hiring Manager."

6. Print your résumé and read it word-for-word. You can use the grammar and spell check function, but don't rely on it.

7. When you have a degree, list only the year that you obtained your degree. When you list your dates of attendance, many résumé scanning systems will not recognize that you obtained a degree, only that you attended college for a period.

8. Deactivate all e-mail links and Web addresses in your résumé and cover letter. To do this in Microsoft Word, highlight the link with your mouse, go to the "Insert" drop-down menu, scroll down to and click "Hyperlink", and on the lower left-hand side of this screen there should be a little button that says "Remove link." When you find it, give it a little click and voila! Alternatively, you can highlight the link with your mouse, right click on it, and scroll down to "remove link" to deactivate the link.

9. Be consistent! For example, don't list one date as 1/2005 and then list another date as 9/22/2005. List software consistently, too. MS Word and Microsoft Excel are both correct, but not consistent when used together.

10. Adhere to punctuation and capitalization rules. Use a reference manual if you do not understand standard punctuation and capitalization rules.

(source: msn)

6 Surprising Ways to Look Younger..!!!

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Hi, girls.., now my-blogmedia would like to give you 6 surprising ways to look younger !!. We quoted the ways from Woman Health for you. Enjoy.., and do it !!. hahaha..

1. Put your blow-dryer on cold and make your lotions do more
Use your blow-dryer on a cold setting to dry your lotion and sunscreen, says dermatologist Fredric Brandt, MD, author of 10 Minutes/10 Years. Allowing skin care products to set makes your makeup go on more smoothly and last longer.

2. Apply mushrooms
The newest age erasers? Fungi-filled face products. "Antioxidant-rich mushrooms decrease inflammation that leads to wrinkling and a loss of firmness, and they don't cause irritation," says Marta Rendon, MD, of the University of Miami School of Medicine. Some 'shrooms also contain enzymes that speed cell turnover, slow collagen breakdown, and improve tone and texture.

3. Use coffee bean berry extract

Dermatologists are rolling out the red carpet for CoffeeBerry, a new skin care star that promises a younger complexion. The extract, which comes from the berries that house coffee beans, packs polyphenols, antioxidants with the most free-radical fighters. "You're protecting against cellular damage, a main cause of aging," says David McDaniel, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

4. Get a moisturizer that multitasks

By the time you hit 40, you'd learned to juggle more than three things at once (um, try 30 things). Now some moisturizers are catching up to your speed. Besides containing a hint of self-tanner that allows skin to slowly darken, the newest daily glow lotions are packed with potent hydrators (like ginkgo biloba) and tightening ingredients (including caffeine and ginseng) that make jiggly skin look and feel firmer, reports Mary Lupo, MD, a Prevention advisor and a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University.

5. Use a sleep-time moisturizer
If the number of night creams coming onto the market is any indication, the right time to pamper your skin is when you hit the sack: Last year consumers spent about $56 million on nighttime moisturizers alone. Although no scientific studies have been published comparing nighttime with daytime products, there may be some advantages to treating your skin while you slumber.

Cosmetic chemists know, for example, that many anti-aging ingredients stay active longer when they're not exposed to sunlight. Retinoids, which speed cell turnover, "can break down chemically with light exposure and become ineffective," says Julian Omidi, MD, a dermatologist in private practice in Los Angeles. Other "anti-agers"--such as topical vitamins, including C and E--don't hold up well in sunlight or air. They're in both day and night products, but you probably get more antioxidant bang for your buck when you apply them before you go to sleep.

6. Sleep flat on your back
Smashing your face into a pillow creates fold lines that eventually become permanent if they're repeated every night. Spending time on your back also helps counter the effects of gravity that accumulate during the day. In a recent study of 38 women and men, Japanese researchers found there was greater wrinkling in the afternoon than in the morning; they concluded that the face literally falls with gravity as the day progresses. At night, you get a chance to reverse that.

Okay, let's have a younger soul, body, and face. Once again, enjoy... !!

(source: msn, Woman Health)

Flash News: Rivaldo, Jardel, Batigol to Pelita Jaya ??

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It's has been romoured that Rivaldo, Mario Jardel (Brazil) and Gabrel "Batigol" Batistuta is approached by Pelita Jaya management, Nirwan Bakrie to play for this Indonesian Footbal team. Is that true?. Let's wait and see. my-blogmedia watched the Sport News from Anteve this morning. Hope that it'll be true to make Indonesian Football League becomes famous and attractive. PSSI would like to held Indonesian Super League starting from this year.

Pam gave a strip dance for Hefner..??

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Huhh..age is doesn't matter for entertainment for Hefner, boss playboy magazine. Here is hot gossip taken from msn. my-blogmedia quoted the article for you.

Over the course of his long, happy life, Hugh Hefner has seen more skin than a boatload of dermatologists, but that doesn't mean he's had his fill of flesh. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the Playboy legend was treated to a surprise dance from a butt nekkid Pamela Anderson Saturday night in honor of his 82nd birthday. Seems that when Hef arrived at his deluxe Sky Villa suite at the Palms Hotel, the veteran bombshell, who's appeared on the cover of Playboy a record dozen times, emerged from a bedroom in all her hypermammiferous glory, kitted out in nothing but high heels. "He was stunned," Palms mogul George Maloof tells the paper. "He had the biggest smile I've ever seen."


Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurant in The World for Dinner...!!

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Ladies and gents, have you ever experienced to have a dinner at the expensive restaurant?. Hmm... my-blogmedia here gives you the Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurant in the world at 2006 just for dinner. See the article came from Forbes magazine.

Dining is an experience that one enjoys for more than just the benefits of sustaining your body. Visiting one of the most expensive restaurants in the world gives one a true culinary encounter. Costly delicacies at an expensive restaurant can inflate a meal’s total price to proportions larger the weekly salary of some people.

If the hunger in your belly and the cash in your wallet are both the appropriate size, you could dine in one of the 10 of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Forbes has recently published their 2006 list of expensive dining spots and they are listed including the average cost (in USD) for dinner for one below.:

1.Aragawa, Tokyo Japan $368

2.Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Paris France $231

3.Gordon Ramsay, London England $183

4.Acquarello, Munich Germany $125

5.Alberto Ciarla, Rome Italy $113

6.Sushi Kaji, Toronto Canada $109

7.Queue de Cheval Steak House, Montreal Canada $85

8.El Amparo, Madrid Spain $70

9.Whampoa Club, Shanghai China $63

10.Boeucc, Milan Italy $62

(source: Forbes).

HESS Job Opportunities for you ..!!!

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Woo.., seems that oil and gas industries need more human resources to speed up the oil and gas production. Again, my-blogmedia give you the job opportunity to join HESS, an establish gas company. Prepare yourself with best resume/CV. Enjoy the summary.

Hess is rapidly building a substantial position as a key supplier of pipeline gas in Southeast Asia.Our Ujung Pangkah development offshore East Java is vital component of that strategy. The Phase 1 gas development came on stream in April, 2007 and the Phase 2 oil development is underway. We are now looking for a range of experienced professionals to contribute in making Ujung Pangkah an outstanding success and build an exciting career in our global business.

Jakarta-based positions

Develop and maintain strategy and program to promote company’s image through effective External and Public Relation, and sustainable Community Development and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

University degree with at least 10 years experience in relevant field, preferably within oil and gas industry.

Focal point for Production Engineering support to field operations. Optimisme production and report performance to senior management, business partners and government. Provide Production Engineering input to future field development. Experience in completion design, well intervention and production optimization is preferred.

A Bachelor or Masters Degree in Engineering, preferably Petroleum, with 5 - 15 years experience in oil and gas operations, subsurface or completions environment.
Gresik-based positions

Improve and maintain company’s image and relationships, and communicate company’s business and activities to local stakeholders. Design and implement Community Development/ Corporate Social Responsibility program that will benefit the community and enhance company’s image and reputation.

University degree with at least 10 years experience in relevant field, preferably within oil and gas industry.

Provide management support and advice in seeking collaboration with appropriate community and government representatives or non government organizations (NGOs) to advance the delivery of Community Development/ Corporate Social Responsibility program initiatives, as part of the effort in promoting the company image and reputation.

University degree with 7 years experience in community development preverably within oil and gas industry.

Assist the Community Development & Exernal Relation Supervisor to maintain strong and close presence or communication to all communities at the lowest level possible and other stakeholder in specific area.

University degree with at least 5 years experience in relevant field, preferably within oil and gas industry.

Provide general secretarial support to the entire CD-ER-SR department, including manage relevant documentation, reports and administration work, assist in the budget preparation & monitoring.

Diploma Degree in Administration or Secretarial with minimum 5 years experience in related area.

Offshore positions
These Offshore positions will be 14 days on 14 days off offshore rotational positions. However during the project construction phase these positions will be onshore based either in Gresik or Jakarta. The selected candidates must be willing to travel.

Manage the Pangkah PSC Offshore Production facilities, with overall responsibility for the performance of Operating and Maintenance personnel and the maintenance and performance of the production processing equipment on the facilities in achieving operational excellence according to Company and Industry standards. You will lead the offshore crisis management and emergency response team.

Engineering degree, preferably Petroleum, Industrial or Chemical Engineering with 15 years Offshore facility operations experience with 5+ years of leading or directly supervising a multi-skilled team.

Manage, plan and lead a multi-disciplined maintenance team in executing safely and efficiently the planned and corrective maintenance activities on all offshore Pangkah platforms to maximize uptime and equipment availability, ensuring high quality of data and information is maintained within the SAP Computerized Maintenance Management System. You will be also an integral member of the Offshore Crisis Management Team.

Manage, plan and lead a team of Production Operators in executing safely and efficiently the start up and ongoing optimum operation of the offshore Pangkah central and remote platform process and utility equipment, and associated oil and gas production wells to maximize facility uptime and production volumes. You will be also an integral member of the Offshore Crisis Management Team.

These Superintendent positions require Engineering degree in Petroleum, Industrial or Chemical Engineering or Technical diploma (considered) with more than 10 years experience in petroleum industry (offshore and onshore) and have offshore experience in a similar management role. Previous experience in pre-commissioning and commissioning of Oil and Gas processing plant desirable. Have experience in managing a multi-tasking workforce in the Oil and Gas processing operation.

Provide Planning and Scheduling services as required by the Maintenance Superintendent, within a multi-disciplined, multi tasking team providing operations and maintenance support for Offshore Pangkah Operations Develop, monitor and maintain an optimized maintenance work execution plans to meet safety, cost, quality and schedule using the approved maintenance and operation strategy and the Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Technical diploma major in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering with at least 6 years experience as a Planner/Scheduler using computerized maintenance system and electronic planning applications. SAP planned maintenance module super user experience desirable.

All positions require fluency in written and spoken English and computer literacy.
Full details of these positions are available at
Apply online or send full career details and recent photo (max 100 KB) to
(source: petromindo)

US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies (April 04-06)

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Hi all, my-blogmedia is proudly present US Weekend Top 10 Box Office Movies for you.

Here are the US Top 10 Weekend Box Office Movie for this last weekend (April 04-06).

"21" is still on the top movie, in two weeks,collected USD 46.5!!!
The new comer movies are, "Leatherheads", "Nim's Island", and "The Ruins". For the first weekend, "Leatherheds" collected USD 13.4 MM, while "Nim's Island" collected USD 13.3 MM, and "The Ruins" collected USD 7.8 MM.

For cumulative earning, "10,000 BC " still get the highest point, USD 89.3 MM in five weeks. How bout next week?. Let's wait and see. Have a nice watching..

(source: yahoo.movies).

1 21
2 Leatherheads
3 Nim's Island
4 Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears Who
5 The Ruins
6 Superhero Movie
7 Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns
8 Drillbit Taylor
9 Shutter
10 10,000 BC

Future Opportunities with Chevron ?? Why Not..just try, friends..

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Hello my bro and sis, here my-blogmedia posted a new opportunities for you all, if you wanna take the challenge to work with Chevron. Interisting? Just give it a shot, okay?. Make a great CV/Resume and send to them. Hope you always be lucky. Enjoy.

Who is Chevron?

Headquartered in San Ramon – California USA and conducting business in 180 countries in 180 countries, Chevron is engaged in every aspect of the oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production; refining, marketing and transportation; chemicals manufacturing and sales; and power generation.

In Indonesia, Chevron is working in partnership with BPMIGAS (Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities) for oil and gas business and Pertamina for geothermal business. It has long been recognized as significant oil and gas producer and geothermal and power provider.

Why work with Chevron?
Global Scope of operations promotes global career; competitive total remuneration program: pay, bonus program and flexible benefits; 125 years of history yet strong future growth; state-of-the-art technology; world-class experts; large queue of exciting projects; reputation for solid business results; strong ethics; and diversity is a core value.

To sustain profitable growth and build the organizational capability, Chevron in Indonesia is now searching for recent graduates and 4+ years related experienced Indonesian nationals who possess relevant educational background, technical, and behavior competencies to join the company in a number of opportunities.

Recent Graduate:
S1 or Above
(ES-FG/ES) Earth Scientist
(PE-FG/PE) Petroleum Engineer
(FE-FG/FE) Facility Engineer
(DC-FG/DC) Drilling & Completion Engineer
(IT-FG/IT) Information Technology Engineer/Specialist
(LAB-FG/LS) Lab Specialist/Chemist
(OEHES-FG/HE) HES Engineer/Specialist
(SCM-FG/SCM) Supply Chain Management

(Ops-FG/TO) Technician/Operator
(FDT-FG/SMO) Field Development Training-Sumatera Operations
(FDT-FG/KLO) Field Development Training-Kalimantan Operations

S1 or Above
(ES-EXP/ES) Earth Scientist
(PE-EXP/PE) Petroleum Engineer
(DC-EXP/DC) Drilling & Completion Engineer
(FE-EXP/FE) Facilities Engineering
(BDCP-EXP/Mgr GSL) Manager LNG & Gas Marketing
(BDCP-EXP/Mgr LGM) Manager Gas Supply & LNG Operations
(BDCP-EXP/PS) Planning Specialist(Fin-EXP/Audit) Audit
(HR-EXP/MO) Medical Officer
(HR-EXP/MS) Medical Surgeon
(HR-EXP/RS) HR Specialist
(IT-EXP/IT) Information Technology Engineer/Specialist
(PGPA-EXP/PRCS) Public Relation/Communication Specialist
(SCM-EXP/FC) Fleet Coordinator
(SCM-EXP/SCM) Supply Chain Management
(Ops-EXP/Ops) Operations

(Ops-EXP/MM) Mooring Master
(Ops-EXP/TO) Technician/Operator
(Ops-EXP/CP) Craftsman Plumbing
(SCM-EXP/Mat) Materialsman
(HR-EXP/RA) HR Analyst

How to apply: Please open our recruitment partner website at

Closing date for application: April 21, 2008
All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially. Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for further process.

For more information visit us at:
(source: petromindo)

"21" The Movie, number 1 in US Weekend Box Office Movies..

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Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures work together released "21" movie, the film inspired by a true story of the very brightes young minds in US - and where they went to Vegas for millions. here my-blogmedia gives you the brief synopsys.

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a shy, brilliant M.I.T student who needing to pay school tuition- find the answer n the cards. He recruited to join a group in a school's most gifted students that heads to Vegas every weekend arm with fake identities and know-how to turn the odds at a blackjack in their favor. With an ortodox math professor and stats genius Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) leading the way, the've cracked the code. By counting and employing an intricate system of signals, they can beatcasinos big time. What else ??. Let's see the movie in the cinema.

(source: sony picture)

Six Blunders when Creating the Resume..!!

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When we would like to apply for the job, we should prepare ourselves to make a good resume or CV. But for most people, they don't realize that they made several blunders when generate the resume. Anthony Balderrama from CareerBuilder wrote six blunder when people generate their resume for you. Hope we can learn something from these and off course, improve our resume for getting the best job for all of us. Agree?. Let's read the article.

Résumés are tricky: If done well, they can put you in the running for a job; if done poorly, they end up in the hiring manager's recycling bin. They should be easy since you're just talking about yourself. No one knows your work history, qualifications and skills better than you. Unfortunately, they are hard work.

Making years of experience fit on one or two pages is no easy task. Yet, while there is no one way to craft the perfect résumé, there are some moves guaranteed to hurt your job hunt.

Here are some résumé blunders you should avoid at all cost.

1. Forgetting the employer
Although the résumé is about you, it's not for you. After all, if you were the intended audience, you wouldn't bother sending it out. The résumé is meant to show prospective employers why you're the perfect match for the job. They want to see the skills, experience and qualifications mentioned in their job postings. If you have skills that don't line up exactly with the position but you know are transferrable, make that clear in the résumé. Don't assume they'll infer what you mean, because if they don't, you won't be considered for the job.

2. Not using keywords
Keywords, like career summaries, are signs of the time. Today, many employers use software to scan submitted résumés for keywords that suggest an applicant is a good match for the job. Although you won't know which exact words the software is looking for, a job posting can give you a good idea. Incorporate phrases and terms from the posting, and see what words reappear in several industry ads. Concrete terms such as "infrastructure development" and "strategic planning" will fare better than generic phrases like "hard worker" and "team player."

3. Using an objective instead of a career summary
An advantage of updating your résumé regularly is that you can not only update your skills and accomplishments but also its format. For example, just five or 10 years ago most résumés included an objective at the top. These days, the career summary has taken its place. Like an objective, the summary should give the employer an idea of who you are, except it allows you to focus more on your experience than on your goals. You can briefly mention your career highlights, including past roles and your strongest skills.

4. Not proofreading
Typos and grammatical errors on a résumé are the textual equivalent of showing up at an interview chewing gum and wearing tennis shoes. A résumé full of mistakes suggests you care neither about the quality of your work nor the impression it makes. An employer wants someone who produces exemplary work and will be an excellent representative of the company.

5. Lying
Embellishing is a common practice that rarely impresses hiring mangers because they've seen it all. They know "childcare leadership executive" means "baby-sitter." Outright lies, however, have no place on a résumé. For one thing, it's not hard to verify any information you put down, so you could get caught at any point between submitting your résumé and getting a job offer. Plus, it's a small world, and the truth has a way of coming out when business associates bump into one another at conferences. If your boss mentions your name to your supposed former supervisor only to be told you never worked there, you could get fired.

6. Not keeping up appearances
Before an employer even reads your résumé, he or she forms an impression based on how it looks. It's a snap judgment that can't be avoided – after all, don't you immediately zone out when you receive an e-mail that's one huge block of text? Make your résumé visually appealing by using bulleted lists, plenty of white space and subheadings. Also, avoid fonts that are full of distracting swirls and colors. It doesn't matter how well-written your résumé is if no one wants to read it.

(source: msn, CarreerBuilder)

Indonesia seeks to block YouTube ??

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Indonesia has asked Internet providers to block access to the YouTube Web site for carrying a film made by a right-wing Dutch lawmaker which accuses the Koran of inciting violence, an official said on Wednesday.

Indonesia has banned broadcasts of the film by Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch anti-immigration Freedom Party, and radical Muslims called for the lawmaker's death during protests outside the Dutch embassy in Jakarta this week.

On Wednesday, a Dutch flag flying outside a consulate in the Sumatran city of Medan was set ablaze.

Indonesia's information minister, Muhammad Nuh, has written to the video-sharing Web site YouTube asking it to remove the film, said Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, the ministry's director general for information technology.

"Our efforts include asking Internet service providers to block access to YouTube. They have started doing it now," Ahmadjayadi told Reuters. Users subscribing to an Internet service provided by the country's largest telecoms company, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia,
said they could still access YouTube.

Dozens of students burned tires and pushed against the gate of the Dutch consulate in Medan, prompting police to hold protesters back from around the consulate, Metro TV showed. The protesters also pulled down a wooden signboard at the consulate. An embassy official said a Dutch flag was taken down and burnt.

"It's just an honorary consulate, so there's no sort of security there," said the official, who declined to be named. The state Antara news agency reported that police had fired two warning shots and detained 20 people suspected of damaging property.

In mainly Muslim Malaysia, a supermarket chain, Mydin Mohamed Holdings, labeled hundreds of Dutch-origin items on its shelves with red stickers to help buyers identify and avoid them, urging customers to vote with their wallets in protest.

"We feel that as Muslims we must do something," Managing Director Ameer Ali Mydin told Reuters, adding that products ranging from electrical appliances to baby food now carry the telltale sticker in his network of 40 stores across Malaysia.

Mydin, which buys up to 60 million ringgit ($19 million) worth of products each year from companies with ties to the Netherlands, has also put up posters near store checkout points to urge customers to boycott the items.
"We respect all cultures, beliefs and values and strongly condemn this expression against Islam," it added. Wilders launched his short video "Fitna" -- an Arabic term sometimes translated as "strife" -- on the Internet last week, drawing international condemnation.

The film intersperses images of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States with other Islamist bombings and quotations from the Koran, Islam's holy book.

In February, Pakistan ordered its Internet service providers to block YouTube over material considered offensive to Islam. The move came after the popular site carried controversial sketches of the Prophet Mohammad which were republished by Danish newspapers in January.
The cartoon, first published in Danish newspapers, ignited violent protests around the world and a boycott of Danish products in 2006. Many Muslims regard any depiction of the Prophet as offensive. A similar step was taken by Thailand last year after YouTube aired a 44-second film showing graffiti over the face of revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Wilders' film urges Muslims to tear out "hate-filled" verses from the Koran and starts and ends with a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad with a bomb under his turban, accompanied by a ticking sound.

(Reporting by Ahmad Pathoni and Olivia Rondonuwu, and Clarence Fernandez in Kuala Lumpur; Editing by Sugita Katyal and Valerie Lee ; source: yahoo)

Hello.., my friends. Here is a flash news for you.

Tom Cruise reportedly is a big fan of the “Star Trek” television series and of Dr. Spock in particular. Considering all the speculation that surrounded the casting of the upcoming “Star Trek” movie, it wouldn’t seem like a stretch to think that Tom Cruise might be one more late addition to the roster.

“Tom visited the set of the movie and chatted with J.J. Abrams,” a source close to the actor said. The last time Cruise was spotted on a set for a movie he wasn’t said to be signed on for — “Tropic Thunder” — it turned out he had a small role. Unfortunately for Cruise fans, the visit to the “Star Trek” set was just a social call — Cruise and Abrams are friends, and apparently, Cruise is a fan of the television series and in particular, Mr. Spock.

“He asked J.J. if there’s a way he can meet Leonard Nimoy. He said he’d always really respected his work,” said the source. “Star Trek” isn’t due out until summer 2009, “Tropic Thunder” arrives in theaters this August, and Cruise’s sophomore effort from United Artists, “Valkyrie,” will be released in October.

(source: msn).


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