Weekly Horoscope (Nov 24, 2008)

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Hi all, we meet again. Here are your weekly horoscope for this week. Enjoy.

Aries, don't blow things out of proportion this week. On Monday Mercury in your sector of psychology squares nebulous Neptune and you imagine the worst regarding a certain circumstance in your life. Put your fears to rest until you get the real facts in front of you and then decide how to handle your situation. The end of the week will be filled with fun, and you engage in playful activities. You'll discover that your spirits rise along with your hope for all the wonderful possibilities the future offers. On Sunday your clever brain will begin to ask questions of the Universe.

Maybe your instincts aren't on target this week, Taurus, so it's in your best interests to follow the tried and true advice you receive from friends and relatives. Your perception is off and your reactions are colored by your own emotions. On Wednesday your typical common sense and practicality go out the window. Take a time out and don't make any decisions just yet. On Friday lucky Jupiter in your sector of philosophy trines karmic Saturn in Virgo and you'll have a very enlightening experience, one way or another. Your ability to enjoy life accelerates as you increase your self-knowledge.

Gemini, you're doing yourself a mental and emotional disservice if you keep your emotions locked up inside. It isn't a good idea to repress or ignore your feelings, even if they're unpleasantor painful. On Monday your ruler Mercury in deep-feeling Scorpio squares watery Neptune and you'll be inundated with your emotions, so try to release them. By Saturday you'll feel much better and ready to attend to your daily activities. You might get a call from a family member who wants to discuss a juicy piece of gossip. Get ready for a lively chat!

You have an enlightening experience on Monday and spend the rest of the week exuding a radiant glow. The Moon in Cancer in your sector of self trines the radiant Sun in Scorpio and you ante up your spiritual consciousness. You may astound yourself and your associates with your new maturity and ability to cope with your life events. On Friday your spiritual side enables you to offer a lot of comfort to a relative who's going through hard times. You have oodles of sympathy on tap, and your family member is in need of a little tender loving care.

What can you do, Leo? You're only one person and you have limited control over the situation you're facing. On Tuesday you have to bend your plans to conform to those of the people you're dealing with. It's frustrating, but you can't always have your own way, even if you know you're in the right. On Saturday you pick up pen and paper as the Moon in your sector of communication sextiles Mars. You'll scribble furiously, since you've experienced many emotional and tumultuous events recently. It's a wonderful cleansing experience for you and you'll gain a new perspective.

Your feisty side comes out of hiding this week and you startle and surprise yourself and your associates with the ferocity of your inner warrior. On Wednesday the Moon in Virgo in your sector of self squares fiery Mars, overriding your tendency to take a back seat in life. You won't take sass from anyone and you won't allow yourself to be intimidated. Make sure you don't go over the top and start to become too aggressive. Friday is a day of special blessings for you as benevolent Jupiter trines Saturn in Virgo. Get ready to be happy!

Making time for the many activities in your life isn't easy, Libra. You know you're indecisive and yet you need to sort through and pick and choose among various invitations and social events. On Tuesday you have a hard time creating a calendar for yourself. Consider prioritizing your social events. Expressing your needs to the people in your life is easy on Sunday as chatty Mercury enters Sagittarius and your communication zone. You'll find the right words when you deal with all the different people in your life, from your youngest relative to your elderly next-door neighbor.

Life can be challenging, Scorpio, and even though you're making a concerted effort to look at the bright side, you know that a certain situation you're dealing with has no easy solution. On Monday you're confused and frazzled regarding this particular circumstance as Mercury in Scorpio squares Neptune. Distance yourself emotionally and mentally and you'll look at what's going on around you more clearly. On Friday your thoughts settle down and you'll discover concrete and long-lasting answers to any dilemmas you have. On Sunday a surprising event may cause issues between you and a close associate.

This is it - your birthday month has arrived! The Universe wishes you a great big happy birthday starting on Friday when the brilliant Sun enters Sagittarius and your sector of self. No matter what challenges or difficulties you faced in the
past year, it's the beginning of a brand new start for you. On Sunday clever Mercury enters Sagittarius and you'll experience a strong desire to go forward as fast as you can. You may decide to buy a snazzy new car or move to a locale that's closer to social activities that interest you.

You feel much better about yourself and your life, thanks to lovely Venus in Capricorn in your sector of self. You're certainly presenting an appealing persona to the world! On Thursday the Moon in health-conscious Virgo trines Venus and you decide to make your feeling of well-being a permanent part of your life. You'll investigate ways to pump up your biorhythm and make sure you exercise and eat properly. On Friday you may change the way you think as Jupiter in Capricorn trines Saturn in your philosophy sector. You'll open yourself up to a lot of new and original viewpoints.

You know the saying, 'If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.' Memorize that quote until you know it by heart this week. On Monday Mercury squares hazy Neptune in Aquarius in your sector of self and you finally realize that you're unsure of what you're looking for in life. Make a concise plan of action for yourself. On Thursday your insight and intuition will accelerate. You may have a dream that will prove very revealing. A guide or mentor may show up over the weekend and provide you with valuable advice.

Don't jump to conclusions, because if you do you'll make the wrong decision due to your misreading of a situation. On Monday your ability to be discerning is very slight. This isn't the time to trust your own instincts; instead, wait until you're in a better mental and emotional place and then resolve your issues. On Thursday a change of pace enables you to temporarily forget your problems and have a good time enjoying life as the Moon in Virgo trines Venus in your sector of friendship. A close associate brings you along on a nature walk.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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