Weekly Horoscope (Oct 06, 2008)

posted by my-blogmedia | Monday, October 06, 2008 |

Hi all, we meet again. Here are your weekly horoscope for this week. Enjoy.

You're thrown for a loop this week, Aries, so remember that you were born knowing how to navigate difficult paths, thanks to your ruler, Mars. On Monday the Sun in your sector of rivals squares Jupiter and you deal with a person you don't trust. Think before you decide on the right tactic to take with this individual. On Wednesday the Moon squares Mars and your emotional reactions run away with you. You have challenging decisions to make, and no matter what solution you choose, it's not going to be a perfect fit. Compromise is the name of the game now.

Taurus, this week you take steps to revitalize and refresh the dreams you hold for yourself. You're a very practical soul. Nevertheless, you also have a lovely lyrical side to your nature. On Thursday your ruler, Venus, in Scorpio trines farsighted Uranus in your sector of hopes and wishes, and you'll find that you can wish on a star again. On Sunday your plans for fun and amusements have to be canceled as the Moon in Pisces opposes stern Saturn in your sector of entertainment. You have chores and duties piled up and it's time to apply some elbow grease!

This week you find it hard to get started on any project you have in front of you, Gemini, even one as simple as deciding when to get out of bed in the morning. Now that Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde in indecisive Libra, you're unable to make the simplest decision. It might be time to become more proactive and realistic. On Sunday you consider changing your residence due to issues with a roommate or neighbor as the Moon in Pisces opposes Saturn in your home, family, and property sector. You'll spend time checking out the classified ads.

Your family means a lot to you, Cancer. No matter how difficult or challenging some of your family members are, you still do everything in your power to maintain a good relationship with each and every relative you have. On Monday you reflect on just how far you're willing to go in your support of a particular family member and when it's time to say enough is enough. Thursday promises to be a time of exciting fun. You'll temporarily forget your responsibilities and just enjoy yourself as Venus in your sector of amusements and entertainments trines adventurous Uranus.

Leo, you can certainly be forgiven for wanting to crawl back into bed this week. But if you do, you'll miss some important life lessons. On Monday Mercury retrograde in your sector of communication squares Jupiter and you won't understand the people you interact with, no matter how hard you try. This isn't the best time to enter into important or serious discussions with anyone. On Thursday you discover that it's important to pick your battles, and that there's a time to stand up and fight for yourself and a time to let a matter go and just walk away.

Just how important is a friendship to you, Virgo? This week you decide if you're willing to bend and compromise to the degree needed to maintain your association. On Monday the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in your sector of values and you do some serious thinking regarding the way you manage your friendships. On Sunday a new opportunity comes your way.
Your new prospect is different from anything you've tried before, and your first reaction may be to say no. Remind yourself that you need change in your life to maintain your zest for living, and reconsider your new chance.

You're enjoying your life now, since the glittering and radiant Sun is in Libra in your sector of self. You want to spend your time, emotions, and thoughts on yourself. That's OK, since you're bubbling over with good ideas on ways you can propel your life back into active mode. But don't forget that your friends and family have needs, too. On Thursday keep a pencil and paper handy, or make sure you bring your laptop with you everywhere you go, since you'll be filled with inspiration. Capitalize on your brainpower as much as possible.

Don't let your worst fears get the better of you, Scorpio. On Monday the Sun in your sector of hidden thoughts and feelings squares excessive Jupiter and you may start to imagine all sorts of difficulties regarding a certain scenario you face. Do your best to put your problem into proper perspective and you'll be able to manage your dilemma. On Wednesday you find it easy to state your opinions very boldly. Try not to overwhelm everyone with your personal beliefs. A special time lies ahead for you on Sunday, so make the most of the beneficial vibes surrounding you.

Good news is on the way as the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Libra. You've waited for a long time to discover the outcome of a certain matter that has weighed you down. Once you get the good news you'll feel very relieved, and much more optimistic. Early this week it's easy for you to deal with people in positions of power. If you need a fishing permit, driver's license renewal, or tag for your dog, the people you have to deal with will be very friendly and on your side.

You know what you like and you know why you like it, Capricorn, and there's nothing wrong with that attitude. On Monday the Sun and Mercury retrograde square Jupiter in earthy Capricorn and you deal with someone who feels you're too rigid or controlling. Don't pay any attention to what this person says or feels. You know the right way to run your own life and it's the way that works for you. On Sunday your imagination takes flight. You may get lost in a good book or movie or decide to write your own novel, short story, or screenplay.

You're a rebel at heart, Aquarius. You love to make a splash in your environment and flaunt your individuality. Because of your tolerant and humanitarian nature, you don't enjoy interacting with people you consider stuffy or snobbish. On Wednesday the Moon in Aquarius squares Mars and you encounter someone you feel is arrogant, superficial, or unkind. Try to watch your words and be diplomatic where this person is concerned. On Sunday you operate at a fast pace. You may come up with an idea for a new invention that will make your life, and the lives of others, easier.

Pisces, you're empathetic and believe in sticking up for someone if he or she needs help, but at times others can take advantage of your sympathetic nature. On Monday you're the recipient of a sob story from one of your associates. This person may be exaggerating the circumstances of his or her situation. Before you go to bat for your associate, be sure you know the real story. On Thursday you have an exciting time of unexpected surprises waiting for you as Venus trines unpredictable Uranus in Pisces. Get ready for anything to happen, since it probably will.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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