Weekly Horoscope (Aug 18, 2008)

posted by my-blogmedia | Tuesday, August 19, 2008 |

Hi all, we meet again. Here are your weekly horoscope for this week. Enjoy.

Your work and health become very important this week. You may be taking active steps to make progress. If you have new projects to discuss, then Thursday looks very promising. Meetings will work out well for all concerned. Friday and Saturday may bring some disruption, but you may uncover a new and creative approach to the projects at hand. Old ideas based on past successes may be rejected while plans that seem rather futuristic will get the seal of approval. Over the weekend make time and space to recharge your batteries. You need to pamper yourself.

Your love and romance zone seems to be buzzing. You have plenty of opportunity to make a new relationship work by trusting that you can do it. Saturn in your love and romance zone can sap your confidence, but it's essential that you move beyond the fear of being vulnerable or exposed. Your creativity is peaking, too, and again the same issue applies. You need to trust your creative urges and where they seem to be leading you. Don't settle for less than you know you're capable of. Be prepared to think outside the box.

The main area of interest seems to be your home and family zone, which is showing plenty of activity. If you're thinking of buying or selling a property, this will be the time to take action and get the ball rolling. You have ambitious plans that need careful consideration. Above all, you need to get the house shipshape and free of clutter. This applies whether you're about to move or staying put. A lot of the problem you face may be linked with your job. You may need to relocate to make an important career move.

If you work in the media or are a writer or broadcaster, you'll certainly have your work cut out for you. You seem busy writing, phoning, and generally getting your act together. It's time to take a look at ways in which you can diversify by doing some research. Wednesday may bring a lucrative opportunity, which will bring you a chance to show off your skills and raise the level of your self-esteem. Friday and Saturday could be quite disruptive. You need to expect the unexpected and learn how to see new opportunities everywhere.

Your communication zone will be packed with activity from Tuesday. Although Libra is supposed to be a sign of balance and harmony, it's also very easily knocked out of kilter. You can expect that meetings may contain a few contentious issues that need sorting out. The same is true of conversations that may be more boisterous than usual. It's important to find the middle ground and make sure that you fully comprehend each other's point of view. Make sure you reply to any
correspondence from creditors so that you stay in their good graces.

Your dreams may reveal a hidden secret or bring you some guidance that will have profound implications for you. Do make notes of whatever you dream, and work with the imagery to help you understand an aspect of yourself that may have been buried for quite some time. You seem to be at your most charming on Wednesday and able to convince anyone of anything. If you need to hold an important meeting, this is the best day to do so. The Sun moves into your sign on Friday, giving you an energy boost and helping you see your life in perspective.

This is a good time to take life a little more slowly and think carefully about what you want to achieve over the weeks and months ahead. You might also think about doing some healing work on yourself, such as Reiki or crystal therapy, something that will help clear away unwanted energy and bring fresh energy into your system. Karmic issues may come to a head and be reflected in bodily symptoms that seem to flare up quickly then die down and vanish. It may help to be more proactive about your well-being.

Your social zone shows plenty of activity, which means that much as you may need time for quiet reflection you won't get much chance. You're going to be very much in demand, which will be of great benefit to you in business and in love. You're drawn to people who have something different to offer, and you won't be disappointed. Jupiter continues to move through your ideas zone and bring you plenty of inspiration. Work hard to bring these ideas to fruition and luck will help you win at just the perfect moment.

You're going to be invited out and about a lot more often. Go for it; you need some fun. Your career seems to be the focus of a lot of your attention for the rest of the week. On Wednesday you're at your most charming and able to persuade the boss or anyone else in command that anything goes. If you have important meetings, arrange them for this time as you have most chance of success. Overall, this is a good time to get your bearings and think about where you're going.

There are a number of planets in Virgo that coincide with your need to explore new horizons. You may already be busy with a course or class that's helping you learn more about a new subject. It's likely that you'll be thinking of a form of long-term study as you may want to get some serious credits under your belt. If you have legal issues pending, you'll be busy with these. If you happen to work as a lawyer, you may find this week quite hectic.

This week all those issues that need careful handling, such as discussions on money, sex, or soul-mate problems, may come to the surface. You've been attempting to come to terms with them for some time. However, right now you have an additional chance to talk them over with relevant people. If you need the help of a counselor, financial advisor, or relationship professional, this is a good time to think about seeking one out. On the other hand, if you want to discuss matters person to person, Wednesday will bring you the best chance of success.

There seems to be a lot happening that's going to encourage you to do some talking and listening. The best day to hold any special conversations is Thursday, when the influences around you are better for a harmonious interchange. Be more careful on Friday and Saturday as there's a possibility of some disagreement and more than a little friction. You and your partner might each need your own space. Your sex life looks more interesting and will bring a passionate and romantic energy to your relationship, helping to rekindle the fire. Things are looking up – be happy!

(source: msn.horoscope)


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