Weekly Horoscope (Aug 11, 2008)

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Hi all, we meet again.Here are your weekly horoscope. Enjoy.

Be careful of the seeds you sow in your life this week, Aries. The actions you take now will have huge consequences for you in the future. On Saturday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sector of hopes and wishes. Remember, be careful what you wish for because you might get it! On Sunday watch where you're going and who you hang out with. Your ruling planet, Mars, squares Pluto, and your assertive side may morph into aggressive mode. If someone cuts you off on the road, shrug it off and play mellow music on your radio.

Taurus, you're searching for the truth regarding an important issue in your life and until you discover what's really going on, you won't move forward. On Friday wise Mercury conjuncts Saturn in analytical Virgo and you'll be able to put all the pieces of your puzzle together. Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse brings a change in your status in your community. You may put on your volunteer hat and get mega-involved in your area. It's also possible that you'll switch gears and pull out of your activities, since you're tired of all the running around you do.

This week you need to be on the ball from the get-go, Gemini, and you won't have time to take a breather. On Monday the Moon in your sector of open enemies squares Uranus in duplicitous Pisces and you deal with a friend's personal betrayal. You thought this person was on your side, but unfortunately he or she is not. Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shakes up your spiritual beliefs and you search for the belief system that suits you best. Reaching your destination is secondary; you just want to learn and explore as you walk through your life journey.

Get ready for an emotional awakening to take place in your life, Cancer. On Saturday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sector of transformation and you experience an enormous shift in the way you view yourself. Your ruling planet is the perceptive Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse has a strong impact on you that can last for a while. On Sunday be careful when you drive or walk around your neighborhood, as aggressive Mars squares powerful Pluto. Be sure that you know where you're going and who you're going with, and don't participate in any dangerous activities.

This isn't going to be an easy week for you, but you love challenges, thanks to your Zodiac symbol, the strong Lion. On Monday keep your emotions and temper in check as the Moon in fiery Sagittarius squares Mars. You may take offense easily and your patience will be on the short side. A confusing dilemma crops up in your life on Friday as the Sun in Leo opposes hazy Neptune in Aquarius. Make sure that you don't lie to yourself about what's really going on or you could find that you're involved in a highly questionable situation.

You're revved up on Monday as the Moon squares Mars in Virgo in your sector of self. You usually have a reputation as a modest soul and you take a back seat at times. Not this week! You're happy to assert yourself and your needs to anyone and everyone you meet. Just try not to go over the top in your quest for self-expression. On Friday your ruler Mercury in Virgo conjuncts wise Saturn and you know there's a predestined path for you to follow; you just aren't sure how to find it. Don't worry; you'll get there soon.

Your communication style is muddled this week, Libra, and your associates aren't sure where you're coming from or what you really mean. On Monday the Moon in your sector of communications squares erratic Uranus and you may come off to your associates as being a bit lost in space. On Saturday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sector of creativity and you may need to look around for inspiration for your artistic pursuits. Consider escaping into a movie marathon or sign up for a cruise to nowhere. Look at the clouds, sip an iced beverage, and relax.

Silence is golden at times for you, Scorpio, and you enjoy your privacy, but this week you want your social life to pick up. On Wednesday Venus conjuncts distant Saturn in your sector of friends and you find it hard to connect with people. Your friends are off your radar screen for one reason or another and you need to come up with a new game plan for yourself. Consider new groups and clubs to join. It's time to broaden your horizons - and your address book! A move could be on your agenda on Saturday, or you may take in a roommate.

Sag, your astrological symbol is the galloping Centaur, the half-human, half-horse mythological creature. But that doesn't mean you aren't fully human, although you have a strong physique and a lot of stamina. On Monday the Moon in Sagittarius in your sector of your physical body squares Uranus and Mars and you may experience health issues. Once that happens, you'll realize how important it is for you to eat right and get the proper rest. On Sunday watch your temper as Mars squares Pluto in Sagittarius. Remind yourself of all the many reasons you have to feel blessed in your life.

Your brain cells go into overdrive this week, Capricorn, and you won't be able to click your mind off long enough to eat, sleep, or chat with friends. On Tuesday the Moon in Capricorn in your sector of self trines Mercury in Virgo and you occupy your time with 101 busy tasks. On Saturday you morph into reflective mode as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sector of values. You may feel you're operating on automatic pilot and you have no real idea of what truly makes you happy in life. Now you'll change that scenario.

Aquarius, you usually think first and emote later, since your brain leads your heart, thanks to your air-element Zodiac sign. On Saturday you experience a big change in your emotional life as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Aquarius in your sector of self. Get ready for a tidal wave of emotion to overtake you. You'll feel the powerful Eclipse energy both before and after the weekend, so keep that in mind as you go about your daily routine. Give yourself a lot of leeway this week and don't expect too much from yourself or others.

Your intuition isn't up to speed this week, Pisces, so let your sixth sense take a back seat and allow your logical mind to guide you. On Monday the Moon in fiery Sagittarius squares Uranus in Pisces and your emotional barometer goes on the fritz. You may not understand yourself and your own feelings, let alone the emotions of the people you associate with. Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in your sector of intuition and you have to actually ask questions of people and wait for answers, as opposed to relying on mental telepathy, your favorite way to communicate.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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