Weekly Horoscope (June 30, 2008)

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Hi all, we meet again. Here are your weekly horoscope. Enjoy.

On Monday you start your week with a tremendous burst of power and strength, thanks to your ruling planet Mars trine Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius. Your energy level will make it hard for you to sit still for any length of time. Don't overextend yourself or you'll poop out before you accomplish your grandiose projects. On Saturday your restlessness extends to your mental process. Concentration will be hard for you and your thoughts will fly off in a hundred different directions. It might be a good idea to go with the flow, if possible. On Sunday your life becomes more sedate.

You have so many items on your agenda this week that you don't know where to start, Taurus. On Tuesday Mars, the energy planet, enters Virgo trine your Sun Sign and your vigor revitalizes. You become much more productive and your ability to accomplish projects will increase. On Sunday you're ready to leave your comfort zone and explore the world around you. Your ruling planet, lovely Venus, is in Cancer trine earthshaking Uranus in Pisces and you make a decision that will bring a lot of change into your life. You might consider moving to a new locale.

You feel as if you were hit by a lightning bolt this week, Gemini, so get ready for a large dose of dazzling energy to cascade into your life. In addition, you may experience a blast from the past. A former rival shows up in your social network and you have to cope with feelings you'd forgotten. The emotional Moon is in Gemini in your sector of self at the beginning of the week, so you may be a bit on the supersensitive side, and your emotions will be easily triggered. Remember, it's all about you not your opponent.

A new day dawns for you this week, thanks to the New Moon in Cancer in your sector of self on Wednesday. You love your comfort zone and it takes a lot to get you to emerge from your Crab shell. You're certainly entitled to enjoy the view from your own backyard, and that's fine if you're happy with your status quo. However, this week you may have the desire to open up your window and poke your head outside. Watch your weight on Thursday or you might find that you add several pounds before you notice.

Your desire to see a change of scenery is overwhelming on Monday as Mars in Leo trines Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius. You may be ready to take a long vacation, or you could be considering a more permanent relocation. Consider taking a trip to the area you're thinking about moving to before you actually pack your bags. On Saturday a light bulb goes on in your head as the Moon in Leo in your sector of self sextiles clever Mercury in Gemini. All of a sudden an answer will come to you regarding a problem that seemed unsolvable.

A new spirit of energy and enthusiasm surrounds you and it's going to be part of your life for the next several weeks. Get ready to pick up your pace! On Tuesday Mars, the active planet, enters Virgo and your sector of self and you'll be surprised by how good you start to feel. Your desire to accomplish your own projects increases, and you'll ante up your ability to be organized and efficient. On Sunday you're in for a treat. A friend suggests going to a concert or poetry reading and you'll enjoy yourself more than you anticipated.

When you think you're right, Libra, no one can change your viewpoint. Yes, you're indecisive, but once you reach your conclusion you're unmovable. That's not always in your best interests, no matter how long it takes you to make up your mind. On Wednesday the New Moon in Cancer squares your Zodiac sign of the Scales and you realize you may have to reassess a decision you made regarding an important lifestyle issue. On Sunday, as Venus, your ruling planet, trines rebellious Uranus, you assert your independence and desire to free yourself from an obligation that isn't rightfully yours.

You need a break this week, and your stress level will zoom through the roof if you don't get it. Luckily, on Tuesday Mars, the ruler of your health sector, enters earthy Virgo. You're a highly emotional Scorpion, and that's part of the reason you need to watch your blood pressure! Now you'll mellow out and take a sensible view of your life. On Sunday your thoughts take on a lofty quality as Mercury in your sector of transformation trines Neptune. You may tweak your appearance, but consider looking in the mirror and telling yourself you like what you see, too.

You need to deal with a weighty issue this week, and that doesn't necessarily mean your waistline! On Wednesday the New Moon takes place in Cancer in your sector of psychology and you undergo a bit of self-analysis. Recently you made a mistake in a decision and you want to avoid doing it again. On Saturday Mercury in Gemini squares Uranus in Pisces and you encounter a few startling and unusual circumstances. Make sure that you don't put yourself in any situation that isn't completely safe, and don't go looking for trouble. It's not a good time to challenge anyone.

You dance to earth energy, and your routine gets a big burst of adrenaline on Tuesday as Mars trines your sign of the steadfast Goat. Your associates consider you a rock, so get ready for requests for help and advice to pour in. You change gears and walk a new path in an important area of your life on Wednesday as the New Moon takes place in changeable Cancer. You're encouraged to look around the borders of your life and see what's available to you. You'll be open to many new ideas.

You're so busy taking care of the needs of the whole world that you often put your own concerns on the back burner. On Wednesday the New Moon takes place in your sector of health and well-being and you start to take care of you. On Sunday you're torn between two desires as the Moon conjuncts Mars and Saturn in your sector of transformation. You usually go the rebellious route, but you have a yearning for a traditional way of life right now. Try to visualize yourself in each circumstance and you'll know the right path to take.

What are you waiting for? You know that you aren't happy in your lifestyle, so why aren't you making any changes to be more content? On Tuesday Mars, the energy planet, enters Virgo opposite your Zodiac sign of the Fish and you encounter a lot of challenging situations. That's good, because it's going to provide you with the push you need to make alterations in your lifestyle. On Saturday your thoughts may be very scattered, thanks to Mercury in Gemini square Uranus in Pisces. It's a good time to rest your mind, so consider watching an escapist movie.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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