Weekly Horoscope (July 14, 2008)

posted by my-blogmedia | Tuesday, July 15, 2008 |

Hi all, we meet again.Here are your weekly horoscope. Enjoy.

It takes you a while to get into your groove this week. On Monday you feel sluggish as the Moon squares your ruler Mars in your sector of health. On Friday you're in for a surprise as the Full Moon takes place in your sector of reputation. Someone you thought you could trust is talking about you behind your back, and yes, this person is motivated by envy. You thought this person was a friend, but your judgment was off. Maybe warning signs were apparent, but you weren't able to pick up on them. Chalk up your situation to a learning experience.

You have no control over anyone else's actions, and this week that reality becomes clear to you, Taurus. On Friday you're disappointed in a family member you helped out. You thought the favor would be returned when you needed a helping hand. Now the time has come and your relative isn't up to the task. Take heart, since on Sunday a friend comes to your rescue when the Moon enters compassionate Pisces and your sector of associates. It's a great idea for you to chill out and just indulge yourself. Don't feel guilty; you've had a lot of stress recently.

Gemini, this week you go in a new direction. You're a very logical air sign and you think before you take any action. Your ruler, Mercury, is currently in emotional and sensitive Cancer and you'll find yourself reacting to any and all scenarios with your heart as opposed to your mind. You also may emote quite a bit. On Friday take a step back and review your plan to reinvent your image. Do you really need to undergo a drastic makeover? You may be going to extremes, so try to moderate your plans for yourself and your image.

The illustrious Sun in Cancer shines in your sector of self all week, giving you a positive energy boost. That's good, Moonchild, since with a Full Moon on Friday you'll encounter upsets and you'll be overly sensitive for a while. On Saturday a new door opens for you, but it might not be one that you should walk through! You don't need to seize upon every opportunity that comes your way. Before you accept your new opportunity, make a list of all the pros and cons and read it over several times. After that, you may have a new perspective.

You won't be able to keep your mind on your responsibilities this week, Leo, since all you want to do is play. On Tuesday the Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Pluto retrograde in your sector of fun and amusements and you're off to the races. You'll postpone your normal duties and just enjoy yourself. On Friday the Full Moon takes place in your sector of daily activities and you have to deal with your unfinished business. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and cope with many messy situations. On Sunday your timing is off, so don't attempt any detailed projects.

You put your detective hat on this week and solve puzzles that have perplexed and stymied you. On Monday Mercury, your ruler, sextiles Saturn in Virgo and your ability to plod through even the hardest tangle of facts and figures will be strong. Remember, you're ruled by the planet that governs the mind, and no person or circumstance can fool you for long. You catch on too quickly for that! On Wednesday your ability to take charge of your own life expands. You'll decide to stop procrastinating and take the steps you need to create your own happiness.

Errors in judgment happen to everyone, Libra, even to clever air signs like you. Yes, you can make mistakes and recently you made a doozy. On Monday you have a flash of insight about a way out of your current dilemma. Pay attention to your dreams this week, since your sixth sense is strong right now, thanks to karmic Saturn in your sector of intuition. Your unconscious mind is talking to you via your dream state, so write down your dreams and you'll be surprised at what you learn about yourself and your life situation.

Prepare yourself for a lovely surprise on Tuesday, Scorpio, as the Moon conjuncts your ruler, powerful and profound Pluto, as it moves retrograde in optimistic Sagittarius. You may find that a special wish you made is granted, and once that happens you'll begin to have faith in all the magical possibilities around you. On Saturday your thinking patterns may zigzag quite a bit as Mercury opposes excessive Jupiter in your sector of the mind and imagination. Your thoughts will be uncharacteristically scattered and your attention span will be quite limited. Don't count on accomplishing your agenda in your normal organized fashion this weekend.

No one will say you didn't start your week out with a bang, Sag! The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius and you're ready to state your case to anyone you encounter. You'll be able to find the right balance between standing up for yourself and being aggressive. On Saturday you need to temper your desire for a brand new life with some reality. Yes, you want to fly the coop and break up the monotony you're experiencing right now, but leaving everything behind and signing up to take a round-the-world cruise may not be in your best interests.

You knew your life was going to change, Cappie, you just didn't realize it was going to happen so soon. On Friday the Full Moon takes place in Capricorn in your sector of self and you take a new road in your life journey. You resisted this change, but now you know it's in your own best interests. Embrace life's opportunities! On Saturday your desires overtake your common sense. You know that you shouldn't go off your diet, but how can you resist a double chocolate ice cream sundae? Indulge yourself, but get back on your diet once you've had your treat.

You do some serious thinking this week, and once you're through with your analysis, you'll change some fundamental areas of your life. You usually go with the flow and you have a tendency to defer to others. This week you change that scenario, since you want to be captain of your own ship and steer your own course. Mercury sextiles determined Saturn in your sector of transformation, and you take control of your life and make decisions that are necessary for you to be happy and content. On Sunday the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Aquarius and your idealism will reawaken.

This week you take a risk, surprise everyone, and emerge a winner. On Monday the Sun in Cancer in your sector of taking chances trines innovative Uranus in Pisces and you discover it's OK to dream impossible dreams. You're ruled by intuitive Neptune and you were born to reach for the stars. It's your nature to be a dreamer, and sometimes your dreams come true. On Saturday you come back to earth with a bang as issues with a close friend rile you up and leave you frustrated. Broaden your social network and find other associates to spend time with.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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