Weekly Horoscope (July 07, 2008)

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Hi all, we meet again.Here are your weekly horoscope. Enjoy.

As much as you desperately want to get ahead, you seem to be caught up in situations that are frustrating, to say the least. Timing is an important component associated with success, and not getting our way when we want it can be one manifestation of this. Thursday is intense in another way as Mercury moves to oppose Pluto in Sagittarius. Conflicts may occur over any number of issues, but once again, if you push too hard you may lose out. Take a step back and connect with your sense of humor – you may need it.

Your love life may go through a rather difficult period. If you've recently started a new love affair or were just
beginning to date someone new, then beware. No matter how much you want to make everything move along that little bit more quickly, you'll have to hold back. What you don't want to do is get discouraged. Difficulties beyond your control may cause things to come to a temporary halt. Stress of one kind or another may put all romantic feelings on hold. There's nothing to do but be patient as best you can.

This week you could feel frazzled. Mercury at the end of your sign gradually moves to oppose Pluto this week. This could pave the way for tensions that gradually build up as the week gathers pace, culminating in a shouting match on Thursday. Problems may arise with your lover, a business partner, or just about anyone. If you sense something may be about to happen, try and diffuse the situation early on rather than leave it to fester and explode. Talking from the heart will help to ease the way.

Mars conjuncts Saturn and brings delays to communication issues and writing and research projects. Advertising campaigns may be delayed or get a slow response. Whatever you have scheduled may not take place as you expected. If you can go with the flow, you'll feel much better about everything. Mercury moves into your sign on Thursday, helping you express yourself. Finally, Venus will move into Leo from Saturday, so the appeal of a shopping trip may be too hard to resist. You'll have a desire to buy luxury goods or enhance your image in some way.

On Wednesday your intuition is spot on and helping you think on your feet and make the right choice in a situation in which you may be pressed for time. But Thursday needs special care, especially as any problems you encounter will be linked to your personal financial situation. Mars conjuncts Saturn, so you may be forced to hold back concerning one plan or project because you may not have enough money coming through to proceed. Whatever delays take place will tend to be very frustrating, but getting worked up isn't the answer. From Friday things will get easier.

You have places to go and things to do, but your schedule may become so snarled up that you can't make any headway. Don't try. Go with the flow if you can. Thursday stands out, as Mercury moves to oppose Pluto. Issues at home may have an impact on your professional affairs and career. Arguments may break out, but, thankfully, this won't last. Mercury moves into your social zone where it will stay for some time. This will encourage you to get in touch with anyone you haven't seen or heard from in a while.

This is one of those times when karmic affairs may come back to haunt you. Events out of the blue may seem to hold you back at an inconvenient moment. The Sun in your career zone aspects Jupiter, which is going to encourage you to work on your home and career balance. If you can do this instead of commuting, this may reduce your stress and give you more time with your family. Mercury moves in your career zone later on Thursday, which will give you greater incentive to communicate with those in high places.

Wednesday is great for meetings and brainstorming. You'll be in a position to get valuable feedback and brainstorm your way to success. Thursday, by comparison, may be dire. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in your social zone may bring an embarrassing situation your way. An event you were keen to attend may be canceled. You may be the organizer yourself, only to find that all the arrangements you made have fallen by the wayside. However, this is a temporary problem, so you may be able to reschedule it for another day.

Your financial situation looks positive. You may decide to splurge or take a risk because you expect to get a
greater return in the future. But come Thursday you might find yourself in a very different situation. Your best-laid plans, especially those associated with your career, may seem to be badly delayed. A project that you were certain you would get off the ground may have to be postponed, or you may find that those in control seem to block it. This phase is only temporary, but it could cause you to feel dejected.

Life seems positive and easygoing up until Thursday. You seem to get on well with your partner and with others in general. There's an upbeat aura around you that encourages others to relax and feel good in your presence. As Mercury zips into your partnership zone, you get plenty of opportunity to talk to your loved one. Don't just chitchat; make an effort to discuss those issues that will help you truly appreciate each other. Your sex life improves from Saturday and you'll be keen to show how passionate you really are.

A hunch or inspiration on Wednesday helps you make progress at work. You may come up with a few brilliant solutions and resolve a major issue that has been tormenting you. The early part of the week seems successful; it's Thursday that may prove to be a real downer. Mars conjuncts Saturn, which means that there may be obstacles to paying your bills or mortgage or to getting a loan or any other money you might need. Wait a few days before you venture back and you should have more luck. Don't be discouraged!

Long-term partnerships could be a real pain this week. Trying to agree on anything may be almost impossible, and it may seem easier to spend time apart rather than together. If you try to sort things out, you may only make things worse. You may have to agree to disagree. The same applies to business partnerships and other relationships in your day-to-day affairs. If you can acknowledge that there is a problem and simply go with the flow, you'll find things a lot less frustrating, and you may even make a little headway.

(source: msn.horoscope)


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