Weekly Horoscope (June 16, 2008)

posted by my-blogmedia | Monday, June 16, 2008 |

Hi all, we meet again.Here are your weekly horoscope. Enjoy.

Overall romantic trends continue to be strong for you this week, so remain positive and enjoy yourself. You and the one you love are likely to experience sunny skies this week. Don't be afraid to open your heart and let your love light shine! On Wednesday and Thursday a strong lunar presence in your marriage and partnership sector pressures you to bring balance and harmony to this area of your life. If there is any kind of squabble still lingering between you and the one you love, these are the days to make peace. If, however, you decide to sweep even the smallest issues under the rug, they will come back to haunt you this weekend when emotions become intense and vindictive. Nip things in the bud in order to avoid a major meltdown. In general, however, this week is strong for you in the romance department. Just relax and have fun.

The week starts out on an extremely favorable note for you. Finally you're feeling grounded again and this is helping you to get in touch with your softer, more romantic side. Reach out to the one you love on Monday and Tuesday, days when you both may need a bit of extra reassurance. Avoid criticism, and focus on the positive. Take note of a small detail about your lover that you really adore. Mention to him or her how this small aspect of their being turns you on or brightens your day. A simple gesture of this nature goes a long way in preserving partnership harmony throughout the week. Over the weekend, flexibility is the name of the game. Everyone will be showing his or her stubborn side, so take note that the more easygoing you can be, the more smoothly your relationship will proceed with the one you love.

This is another strong week for you in the romance department, so continue to enjoy the favorable cosmic energy that's shining down upon you. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in your sign, you have a great deal of self-confidence, sexual radiance, and mental clarity with regard to love and romance. As a result, there's no reason to doubt yourself. Trust that you'll reach whatever romantic goal you're shooting for. At the same time remember that in order to reach this goal, you may need to give something up. You may need to put a decisive end to a partnership that seems to be going nowhere. Maybe you need to say no to some of your suitors in order to make more time for the one who catches your eye the most. In short, don't be afraid to give up in order to gain. With so much positive energy in store for you this week, all romantic endeavors are destined to be successful. The key is to maintain pure intentions and be honest with yourself at all times. You'll get what you want.

The first couple days of the week offer a nice dose of stabilizing energy that helps you see your romantic situation from a new perspective. Your mind will be rational and logical, helping you detach from fluctuating emotions long enough for you to understand the dynamic between you and the one you love from a more analytical point of view. Wednesday and Thursday are good days to take a diplomatic approach to love. If there's a sticky situation that the two of you need to work out, this midweek period is the time to address such issues. Under all the confusion and misunderstanding the truth is that both of you want peace. Take this time to make it happen. The most favorable time of the week for you is the weekend, starting on Friday evening when lunar energy turns up the emotional volume and sexual activity becomes hot and heavy. Look forward to passionate nights with someone special. The animal within you is ready to come out and play!

During the first couple days of the week you may need to back off from the one you love just a bit so that the two of you can take time to process recent events. The past weekend was quite an adventure for both of you, so you may each need some time alone to get grounded and put your relationship back into perspective. Use Wednesday and Thursday to come together and talk about how you feel. Talk about what you love about your partnership and what you'd like to cultivate. Approach this potentially sensitive topic in a positive manner instead of letting it turn into a time for criticism. Stay focused on what's working instead of dwelling on what isn't. Over the weekend power struggles between you become intense unless you're willing to let go of jealousy issues. If you're single, be careful of going too far with someone too soon. You may regret it later.

Favorable lunar energy during the first couple days of the week gets things off to the right start for you and the one you love. Feel free to get romantic with your partner even on a Monday night. Find ways to make every moment special. Remember that you don't have to be at a fancy restaurant or club in order to show the one you love how much you care. Affectionate hugs and kisses in the kitchen, along with whispers at the dinner table, can help set the stage for a juicy weekend to come. Indeed, this weekend is set to be extra passionate between you, so be sure to get a babysitter for Friday night, Saturday night, or both! If you're single, this weekend offers many opportunities for encounters with a special someone who's catching your eye. Your confidence will be up. Don't be afraid to make the first move. You won't regret it.

Reality may hit you hard on Monday morning and you may be left wondering what in the world happened over the weekend. You may be rolling over in bed trying to remember what you did or said to the one you love that perhaps you now regret. Have no fear; your situation isn't as bad as you might think. The truth of the matter is that you recently revealed important parts of you that needed to be expressed, so go ahead and pat yourself on the back for having the courage to let it all out. At the same time you may need to clarify some things with the one you love and be sure that the two of you can find your way back to the same page. Wednesday and Thursday are the most favorable days of the week for you. This is the time when your confidence is back and you're feeling as if you can speak directly from your heart in a way that doesn't compromise who you are or what you desire on a romantic level. If you're single, Wednesday and Thursday are the days to schedule a date with someone for the passionately romantic weekend ahead.

Use the grounding lunar energy on Monday and Tuesday to bring some stability to your extreme emotions. Over the weekend you may have scared the one you love with something you did or said. This is the time to approach the subject and smooth over any hurt feelings. Sensitivity and compassion go a long way during the first couple days of the week. Overall, the romantic good fortune that you're looking for comes to you this weekend after the Moon enters your sign on Friday afternoon. From this time through Sunday night you'll be flying high on cloud nine. The path is clear, the light is green, and you have the confidence you need in order to manifest magic in your romantic partnership. If you're single, these are the most auspicious days of the week for coming together with someone new. It won't take long for the passion meter to hit full tilt.

Where is your heart? Is it still in your possession or have you given it away to someone? Have you turned it over to the care of another? Do you still have love for yourself or is your self-love somehow dependent on the actions or reactions of someone else? During the first couple days it's important that you sit with these questions and be honest with yourself about the answers. Then use the balancing lunar energy on Wednesday and Thursday to bring things back into equilibrium between you and the one you love. Make sure that your heart is safe where it belongs while at the same time remembering that it's possible to love someone else without becoming completely dependent on that person for your happiness. If you're on the lookout for new love, coming to peace with your own heart and mind helps to automatically bring a loving and nurturing soul to your side. The weekend is full of passionate romance beyond your wildest dreams!

There's a difference between doing a favor out of love and doing a favor out of guilt. What are your true motivations? This week it's important that you come clean with regard to feelings of guilt that may be present between you and the person you love. Maybe you feel moved to do something for this person when, in reality, it may not be your place to do so. Monday and Tuesday are good days to analyze your situation from a clear and grounded perspective. Turn inward and be honest with yourself about what motivates you in the romance department. Clear communication with your partner kicks in on Wednesday, setting the stage for a two- or three-day dialogue that helps put your relationship back into balance. Emotions rise and passion bubbles to the surface over the weekend. Get ready for a couple eventful nights to remember.

Don't get too caught up in small issues when the week begins. The one you love may be nitpicking at details. To you this may feel as if you're under attack. Your first reaction may be to strike back. This is only going to escalate an already difficult issue. The good news is that things naturally smooth out during midweek when communication improves and you and the one you love make a more conscious effort to work as a team. Coming back into balance during this time will help prepare you for an emotionally intense weekend. Keep in mind that any difficult issues still remaining are likely to rise to the surface like lava from a volcano. If you had anything buried beneath the surface, it won't be hidden much longer. Either way, stay tuned to your emotions instead of suppressing them. The bottom line is that the truth will lead you to the greatest romantic passion that you've ever known.

This week don't put so much emphasis on the one you love that you forget about you and your own inner passions. This week the tendency may be to get so consumed in your romantic relationship that you simply forget who you are and what your purpose is in the world. This Monday and Tuesday offer good opportunities to step out of your own shoes and look at your situation from someone else's perspective. Seeing things from the other side of the fence may help you get back to the basics of who you are and what you desire independent from the one you love. Then take time on Wednesday and Thursday to consciously create a better balance between your romantic life and your personal goals. Ask yourself if the one you love is helping to support who you really are or if this person is actually serving as a distraction from your dreams. The most favorable time of the week for you is Friday night through Sunday when lunar energy turns up the passion meter and the sparks in the bedroom turn your whole house into an inferno!
(source: msn.horoscope)


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