Tips in Choosing The Right Laptop or Notebook....!!

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Hi, all..

Sometimes, several of us get the difficulty in choosing notebook or laptop when we would like to buy it. Don't worry, here are the simple recommendations for you, so don't be confusd anymore, okay?

Before you start shopping, know how you will be using your laptop. Are you looking for a mobile computer, a desktop replacement or something in between?

If you would like to have a mobile laptop or notebook, just focus on the thin, lightweight models. In exchange for their portability, lightweight models offer less power and functionality and their screens are on the smaller side (11-13 inches). You’ll want to make sure you get a battery that will last as long as possible (five to seven hours is great) and consider getting an optical drive (DVD or CD drive) that can be switched out to add another battery. Ultra thin models can come with an external optical drive and an external hard drive. When comparing weight, just remember to consider everything that you’ll be carrying – for example, the power adapter, extra batteries, any external drives and the case. Try to find out the “travel weight" versus the “actual weight."

Not going to be traveling with your computer much? You can get a laptop with up to a 17" screen, and you’ll want to have a built-in optical drive for convenience. If you will be taking your laptop out once in a while, look for one that has a battery that lasts two to three hours but doesn’t weigh more than seven pounds. On the other hand, if your computer will never leave the house or office, there are models that are 10 pounds or more with just about as much computing power as a desktop (but usually have a lower battery life).

The basics: For a machine on which you can happily send e-mail, surf the Internet and work on spreadsheets and word documents, you don’t need more than the basics in processing speed, memory and hard drive space.

Graphics, multimedia and gaming: Graphic design, video editing or sound recording programs will need more memory, a good video card (graphics processor), faster processing speeds and a high resolution display. Gamers especially will want to max out on these items for the best gaming performance.

Some terms to know

Processor (CPU): In essence, your computer’s “brain." The processor is a chip that processes information. Most new laptops come with a dual-core processor, though you can still find single-core processors in budget-priced laptops. All MacBooks use the Intel Core 2 Duo processors, while with PC laptops you have a choice between Intel and AMD processors. Laptops with AMD processors tend to be less expensive, but many experts prefer the price-to-performance ratio of the Intel chips.

Pointing device: All laptops come with either a track pad or a pointing stick, and MacBooks only come with a track pad. If you don’t know which type of device you prefer, go to your local computer store to try it out. Those using their laptop mostly as a desktop replacement can always plug a mouse into a USB port.

Memory (RAM): RAM is the short-term memory of your computer. While some laptops today ship with 1 GB of memory, you’ll probably want to have at least 4 GB. For those using their laptops for anything more than the basics, 2 GB is advisable – you can typically have it added when you make the purchase.

Ports: Ports are the slots on the side of the computer where you can plug in devices and cables. Many devices like a mouse, an external keyboard, flash drives (memory sticks) and cameras connect via a USB port, so you’ll want to have at least two of these. Other ports that you need for basic laptop use should come standard, such as the RJ-45 for an Ethernet cable and a video-out port for connecting to an external display (DVI is required for digital display). If you have a video camera or another device that uses FireWire, make sure you get a FireWire port on your laptop.

Optical drive: Many new laptops will come with a DVD-RW (writeable) drive, though some of the lower-end models may just read DVDs (DVD-ROM) and write to CDs. The advantages of having a DVD-RW include being able to save your backup data to DVDs or to burn DVDs to share your pictures or digital videos. All DVD-RWs can also burn to CDs.

Hard drive: This is the long-term memory of your computer. Most users won’t need more than 80 GB of hard drive, though you can get up to 300 GB if you have a lot of data or photos to store.

Networking: This refers to how your laptop connects to the Internet. All new laptops have built-in Ethernet, which is the standard way to connect to a DSL or cable modem. Many models now ship with built-in high-speed wireless Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) connectivity capabilities, and some also come with Bluetooth, which is handy for connecting cell phones and other small peripherals.

Safe and sound
Once you’ve found your perfect laptop, you’ll want to make sure to keep it safe and in good shape. If you’ll be taking it out into the world often, consider buying a cable lock, which can be used to secure your laptop to a physical object. You should also make sure you get a case with enough padding to protect it from getting bumped around. In the event that something goes wrong with your laptop, you’ll be glad to have a good warranty. Before you purchase the machine, read the warranty carefully to know what’s covered and what’s not. It’s a good idea to get a three-year warranty if you can.

(source: msn, yahoo shopping)


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