Employment Opportunities at ConocoPhillips..!!!

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Job opening for immediate employment !!.

Coordinator Land Administration and Compliance
Basic Purpose:• To keep and maintain legal documentations of land matters and assets.• To Compile and update applicable Laws and Regulations (National and Local) on Land Matter related to Company business operation and interest.• To prepare and ensure the land matter management processes are implemented in all land matters works accordingly.
Qualification & Experience:• University Degree, preferably major in Law (Agrarian Law is most preferable).• Five (5) years experience in Oil and Gas Industry in Legal Department. (experience in land acquisition or legal department is preferable).• Strong analytical skill, details (procedure oriented) and independent.• Has network to access Laws and Regulation sources from various Government institutions.• Good command in English and Bahasa Indonesia (spoken and written).• Has commitment to promote Company Values and Ethics.

SPC Secretary
Responsibilities:• To support the standing procurement team in carrying out procurement process conducted in an ethical, professional and uniform way that assures compliance with COPI Policy and all applicable Government regulations.• Provide good assistant to SPC Chairperson relating to procurement process and other SPCs member related functions.• Monitoring procurement process, contracts and approval.• In accordance with the PTK 007 a dedicated full time SPC secretary is required as a procurement member to handle all tender activities and administration matters and/or to serves as Chairpersons alternate. This position shall be filled by regular structural (permanent) employee.
Qualification & Experience:• Graduate from reputable university in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Accounting /Finance/Business/Legal or equivalent.• Must have minimum 2-3 years experience working in the Legal/Procurement/contract area.• Language skill : Good oral & written communication skills in English (TOEFL score> 550).• Hard competency [- Fundamental of Procurement & SCM; - Government law , regulations and system in SCM area (PTK 007, POD, WP&B, AFE); - Knowledge in oil & gas. material and operation].

Market Intelligence Analyst
Responsibilities:• Provide procurement support services related to analyzing, reviewing, and disseminating information regarding to the market price for strategic commodity, business trends among distribution channel & strategic sourcing.• Perform an in-depth analysis of engineer estimate as requested from user departments within COPI.• Create a valuation method for EE calculation based on Users previous historical record on certain commodity, and/or Moving Average Price (MAP) determined in SAP system.• Submit the analyzed EE to Procurement Manager for further evaluation & concurrence prior sharing to the user/SSC Supervisor.• Support other Procurement Planning & Market Analysis Goals in terms of Market Intelligence not limited to the above mentioned roles.• Work includes analysis of categories of goods and services to identify: (- Leveraging opportunities; - BU project support; - Management of Market Intelligence Information Networks)• SAP responsibilities include: (- Identification of price historical record thru MAP method).
Qualification & Experience:• BS degree in Economics principle (Accounting, Econometrics, Engineering Economics), Supply Chain Management.• Experienced in the procurement area is preferred, >1 year in the energy industry with preference for Upstream Operations and Procurement experience.• Knowledge to Understand Market & Commodities related to Oil & Gas business, problem solving skills, MS Excel mastery are important. SAP MM skills / experience considered a plus.• Good verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively influence a wide range of clients including co-workers, vendors, management, engineering and operations.

Procurement Analyst
Responsibilities:To carry out procurement activities to fulfill customers needs as specified in their requisitions to deliver desire services/commodity with the best price, quality and delivery time, this include the activities such as analyzing quotations, negotiating prices and providing recommendation and alternative to ensure value adding and cost effectiveness of procurement process.
Qualification & Experience:• BA/BS from reputable university in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Accounting /Finance/Business or equivalent.• Must have minimum 1-3 years experience working in the procurement fields.• Language skill : Good oral & written communication skills in English (TOEFL score> 550).• Hard competency [- Fundamental of Procurement & SCM; - Government law , regulations and system in SCM area (PTK 007, POD, WP&B, AFE)].• HSE knowledge in SCM field.• Knowledge in oil & gas material and operation.

Write down THE POSITION TITLE you apply in the subject of your email. Send your application and CV to:

This posting will be closed on 18 March 2008. Only very short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process. (source: petromindo)


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