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Hi all, we meet again..., I miss you all..!!.

I got the interesting article about how to dealing with a jeaolus partner in your work. Sometimes we have to compete ourself to get a high appraisal from our boss. When we got promotion or a raise, maight be our co-worker, partner or colleague does not happy with us. What can we do to handle this. Here are the tips from Kate Lorens, the expert from CarrerBuilder.

Here are the tips:
Many negative emotions can rear their ugly heads in the office, but one of the most common is jealousy. Most professionals have been on one side of the jealousy coin at one time or another. You know what it is like to feel slighted by the boss's constant praise of another employee or passed up for a deserved promotion.

But being on the other side is just as troubling. If you are the target of office jealousy, it is probably coming your way simply because you are a stellar performer. So what can you do if a co-worker is out to get you just because you are enjoying some well-deserved success?
Here are five tips to help you keep your sanity – and your success – in tact in the face of office jealousy.

1. Concentrate on being a team player. Sometimes, we work so hard to earn that coveted promotion, special assignment or praise from the boss that we forget to pay attention to the environment around us. But even if you haven't ignored everyone on your team or tried to take all the praise, you probably can make more of an effort to think of others. For example, work on using the word "we" in team meetings more than "I," and enlist the help of co-workers on big projects.

Even if you are the real star, spread the credit around your team and give out praise as much as you receive it. While this doesn't mean that you should shy away from doing what you do best, being sensitive to the feelings of your teammates will make the environment more comfortable for everyone.

2. Enlist help. There is no rule that says you have to go solo in all of your battles in the workplace. If you are uncomfortable because of the actions of a jealous co-worker, speak to your manager. While you do not want your co-worker to be put on the defensive, you need to make your manager aware of the situation. In fact, your co-worker might feel the way he or she does because of your manager. For example, maybe a co-worker is jealous because she feels that she has been repeatedly passed up for a promotion and given no feedback on how to move up. While this has nothing to do with you, it is easier for her to take her feelings out on you than on her superior. If your manager is made aware of the issue, the two of them can address the potential cause. Be sure to approach this conversation carefully and professionally. It will not help your cause if it comes out that you have "tattled" on a team member.

3. Stay out of the gossip trap. Jealous co-workers often do no more than vent to their friends and gossip about employees who threaten them. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to join this negative back and forth. If you hear gossip about you or others, stay out of it. Stay above the fray of petty office politics. If you do, others in the office will take notice and may come to realize that rumors are just rumors and that the gossip is always coming from the same bitter person.

4. Document your concerns if the situation is harmful to your career. Some jealous co-workers can get downright nasty, trying to sabotage a successful person's career. If you find yourself in this situation, all bets are off and you need to look out for yourself. Keep detailed notes if harmful things are being said about you and make sure you have evidence to disprove any negative rumors about your performance. Hopefully, your boss is smart enough to realize a false rumor when he or she hears it. If not, you will have the ammunition to back up your case.

5. Maintain your professionalism. While office jealousy can be hurtful, the best thing you can do to fight it is to remain professional and to keep doing your job the best you can. This means trying not to take nasty comments personally and avoiding any opportunity to shoot back your own biting remarks. Others are jealous of your success. Make sure you demonstrate to them just why you are successful. Set an example that professionalism in the office is the real way to win.

(source: CareerBuilder).

Kate Lorenz is the article and advice editor for She researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues.


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